Gmail will soon get dual-pane UI on Samsung’s foldables

Google currently has its monopoly over the tech market in terms of Operating Systems. Google’s Android is currently being used in nearly all smartphone devices other than iPhone, leaving just a few, like Huawei. As all the manufacturers are using Android on their phones, their devices get a bunch of Google-specific services/apps in them, including Gmail (the Email service Google).

Let us inform you Google has recently launched some new table optimizations for Workshop and some other Google applications. With this new improvement, Google applications will get a two-pane view on foldable devices, including the Galaxy Z Fold series. The two-pane view will be indeed helpful for the Gmail application in the Galaxy Z Fold devices. 

Informatively, the Gmail two-paneled layout will be similar to what tablets have. Now Gmail will show a list of the messages on the left side of the devices, and on the other side, we can see the full message. The search bar, option navigation drawer, account bar, and compose FAB will also be on the left side, and the right side will contain a tall Material You bottom bar. 

In this new two-paneled view, there is a noticeable change, your opened email will be in a white shade, and the remaining page will be in a light-blue background. Other than this, Google Meet and Google Duo also got this two-paneled view in foldable Android devices such as Galaxy Z Fold, Z Fold 5G, Z Fold 2, Z Fold 3, and Z Fold 4

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