With One UI 6.0 Samsung devices could get Passkey support for app

Any device’s security is an essential component of it. To make the device and its apps more secure, consumers usually use passwords in them, preventing the device or apps from anyone else’s access. Now, even enhanced technology has come to the market, which will help to keep the device safe. Unlike the passwords, the new passkeys will use users’ biometrics in place of traditional passwords in apps. 

One UI 6.0 could adds Passkey Support for apps

Recently Dashlane, a subscription-based password manager, revealed in an official blog post that Dashlane would add the native support of passkeys in Android devices, including Galaxy phones, with Android 14 or, we can say, One UI 6 update (for Samsung devices). It will provide the device support of passkeys within third-party applications, which means it will not be limited to Dashlane only but will reach the other apps as well. 

Informatively, another password manager has also shown support for the passkeys recently. About Dashlane, they have shared on their official Twitter handle what passkeys will look like and how they will work. To use them in your Galaxy phones, all you have to do is create an account. Let us tell you, you can create these passkeys without entering any password but by using your biometric (fingerprint) only. 

The good part about these passkeys is if you have made one passkey on your device, anyone else will be unable to make or use passkeys on the same. However, this novelty will come to the Galaxy devices after One UI 6’s arrival, which will happen in the second half of this year. Any particular date for its launch hasn’t been announced or revealed yet; consequently, we should wait for any further announcement or maybe the launch.

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