Samsung Denies Reports of New Internal CPU Development Team

Samsung has been a dominant player in the smartphone industry for years, offering high-end devices with cutting-edge technology. However, the company has faced its fair share of challenges in recent times, particularly with its Exynos processors. After a series of disappointments, Samsung has made a significant move by switching to Qualcomm chips for its flagship Galaxy S23 device, and it appears that the trend will continue with the Galaxy S24 series. Despite recent reports claiming that Samsung has resumed development of its custom CPU cores for future Galaxy devices, the South Korean company has denied these claims. In this ever-evolving smartphone landscape, Samsung’s moves in this space are sure to be closely watched by tech enthusiasts and consumers alike.

Original Title: Samsung to develop its own CPU Core and it could be use in flagship Galaxy devices – March 5th

Samsung Electronics, one of the world’s leading technology companies, is set to take on the giants of the CPU industry, Intel and ARM, with its own CPU core development. The move aims to improve optimization, boost performance, and provide greater control over the hardware used in Samsung’s products.

The Korean giant is taking a bold step towards enhancing the performance of its devices by developing its own central processing unit (CPU) core. The move comes as the South Korean tech giant seeks to reduce its reliance on British chip design house ARM Ltd. and take greater control of the hardware used in its products. By creating its own CPU core, Samsung hopes to improve the optimization levels of its devices, especially smartphones and personal computers. This ambitious project represents a significant investment for Samsung, as the company seeks to expand its technological capabilities and increase its competitiveness in the global market. As Samsung works to develop its own CPU core, the industry will be watching closely to see how the move will impact the future of the company and the wider technology landscape.

According to recent sources, the company has organized an internal team solely dedicated to this project and has even recruited a senior developer from the US semiconductor company, Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD), to lead the team. The experienced developer, who was previously responsible for CPU development at AMD, is expected to bring a wealth of expertise and knowledge to Samsung’s CPU core development efforts. (via – Plusenews)

It’s not the first time Samsung Electronics has created a custom Processor. By building a team to secure its own design capability, the company has been investing in technology development since the early 2010s.

Samsung holds its position as the world’s largest semiconductor industry

Samsung Electronics has, until now, relied on ARM for the CPU core in its own AP Exynos, while its rival Qualcomm also uses ARM designs for its APs. However, Samsung’s decision to develop its own CPU core represents a significant move towards greater control over its hardware and could lead to a significant improvement in smartphone optimization. By creating its own CPU core, Samsung will have the ability to tailor its chips to specific devices, potentially leading to better power efficiency, improved performance, and a greater level of innovation.

It could be sue in flagship Galaxy devices

In addition to its efforts to develop its own CPU core, Samsung is also speeding up the development of next-generation application processors (APs), such as a chip dedicated to its flagship Galaxy series. The company’s System LSI business established an AP solution development team in late 2022, in collaboration with the mobile eXperience (MX) business, to promote advanced research and optimization of next-generation APs. This move represents a significant investment for Samsung, as the company seeks to stay ahead of its competitors in the fast-paced technology industry. As Samsung continues to push the boundaries of innovation with its next-generation APs and CPU core development, the industry will be closely watching to see how these efforts will impact the future of the company and the smartphone market.

According to insiders in the business, the first chip, called Galaxy Chip, might be made accessible in 2025. However, given that Samsung Electronics has just recently started work on developing its own CPU core, the chip will probably be equipped with an ARM-based CPU.

“Samsung Electronics will be able to boost the completion level of its Galaxy Chip if it successfully develops a CPU core,” said an unnamed industry official. “It will be able to load its own CPU in 2027 if development is carried out as planned.”

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