[Exclusive] Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra to offer 144Hz refresh rate

Samsung’s flagship, the Galaxy S series, is a worldwide popular smartphone series, most specifically its top-of-the-line Ultra line. The reason behind the Galaxy S Ultra devices’ worldwide popularity is none other than their quality elements, including the Display, Camera, Processor, Software, and more. With every new flagship, Samsung emerges even better equipment than before, which enhances the device’s performance.

Informatively, in this year’s Galaxy S23 flagship’s Ultra model, Samsung has used its 200MP HP2 sensor, which was the first time for any Galaxy device to use such a big image sensor. The Galaxy S23 Ultra’s advancements are making users curious about the future flagship, the Galaxy S24 series. The Galaxy admirers are waiting to know what advancements the next Galaxy S24 Ultra device will have to offer.

Galaxy S24 Ultra will have 144Hz refresh rate panel

SamLover hears that the South Korean firm is planning to use a 144Hz refresh rate display in its next year’s top-notch device, the Galaxy S24 Ultra. It will be the first Galaxy device to have a 144Hz display because, till now, Samsung has used a maximum of only 120Hz display in its Galaxy devices. However, the future will be more advanced and full of new and more amazing products.

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The 144Hz refresh rate display will be helpful for smoother animations, most specifically in terms of Gaming. Besides it, the better refresh rate will also be capable of bearing higher and faster screen load and can keep up with speedy performance. Other than the display, the Galaxy S24 devices will have many more to offer up their sleeves, which are listed below. 

  • Android 14 and One UI 6.
  • Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC.
  • UFS 4.1 Storage Chip. 
  • A 200MP image sensor but with some improvements. 
  • Better Zooming capabilities than the previous device. 
  • Plenty of new features, including Satellite Connectivity. 

About the 144Hz refresh rate, it is unclear which panel Samsung will use. However, we can say for sure the display will surely amaze the users with its outstanding performance. Besides it, if we find any other clues regarding the upcoming Galaxy S24 series or the Ultra device, we will share them with you via our upcoming blogs. 

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