Next One UI Watch (WearOS) update could have search ability in settings for Galaxy Watches

Every smart device Settings in them no matter whether they are smartphones, tablets, or smartwatches. However, Settings has countless options and hidden functions in it, which makes it difficult to find any particular function or option which is hidden under other options. In that case, it is convenient to have a search option so that one can find any function right away just by searching its name.

Let us tell you, in Galaxy smartphones, the Settings application does have the option to search for the desired option or function. However, things are different for Galaxy Watches as their Settings app doesn’t have the option to search, and because of it, they need to rush to find a particular and desired one. It will be indeed handy and beneficial if the South Korean firm brings a search option for Galaxy Watch’s Settings app as well.

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We are expecting Samsung to make it possible with the upcoming User Interface version. Informatively, Samsung’s latest watches, Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro are currently running on WearOS 3.5 with a layer of One UI Watch 4.5, meaning the next UI will probably be based on WearOS 4. Hence, Samsung may bring a search option for Settings with the next One UI Watch 5 update (expected).

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