Samsung Internet beta expanding the usability for Galaxy Tablets

Samsung has a presence in the Android market, but it only dominates in terms of hardware of devices, while in the software department, the company is still evolving, and many things are not working as they should be. The company believes in customer satisfaction, so it continues developing them. Here you can see the usability of the Samsung Internet beta app, which is limited to Android smartphones, while in Tablets, there are fewer features available; however, now the company has introduced a new update of the app, which contains several features for Tablets.

Samsung Internet version 21.0 beta brings new features to Tablets

The latest update brings some new features for tablets now, and users can move the address bar to the bottom of the screen for easier access. The new beta update also includes the latest chromium engine with version 110. Additionally, you can now move the bookmarks bar and the tab bar to the bottom of the screen as well.

Adding to these, it further adds a new change which alerts you that you have opponents 98 tabs already, and if you try to open two more tabs, it will warn you by the notification that says- the oldest tab has been closed; fortunately, now it has a little but significant change that brings the old tab back, this is not possible in the previous version, once the tab is gone, it’s gone, there is no way to recalling it.

Moreover, Samsung Internet beta is the company’s browser which comes with several benefits, especially in security, because it provides many security features that protect users’ valuable data from online stealers. Apart from this, the app also includes many other features that make it more comfortable to use, and you can enjoy internet surfing more smoothly. Now with the 21.0 beta update, Samsung has pushed these features for Tablets.

Users who own Android-powered tablets can easily update their apps and enjoy all the new features. To download it, you can use the Google Play store, or the Samsung device users can use the Galaxy store.

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