Samsung updates two more midrange devices with April 2023 security update

Samsung is now rolling out a new security update in the form of April 2023 for two more midrange devices, including Galaxy A31 and Galaxy A32 5G. As Samsung is continuously updating the Galaxy devices, the company has already served more than half of several devices; however, the company is gradually expanding it to different countries due to carrier limitations.

As said earlier, the update brings the April 2023 security patch, which is nothing but a form of monthly security maintenance update of the device. For information, the new software update includes several patches, which Google and Samsung have added. The new security update aims to give proper protection against external threats.

Moreover, when you install the new security update, it brings enhancements to the security and also fixes some internal features so they can work properly with more smoothness.

The update is currently rolling out for Galaxy A31 in some countries, including Bolivia, Colombia, Panama, Guatemala, and Mexico. While Galaxy A32 5G is getting the same update in many countries, including Peru, Austria, Brazil, Colombia, Croatia, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, the Philippines, the UK, and Vietnam. (via- SamMobile)

Users who own the Galaxy A31 and Galaxy A32 5G in the above-mentioned countries can identify the update by the firmware version numbers A315GDXS2DWD1 and A326BXXS5CWD5, respectively. The update may also include the Galaxy Buds Pro lock screen widget.

According to Samsung’s official documentation, Samsung has listed both of the devices in different categories in terms of security updates; the Galaxy A32 5G is listed under the Quarterly security update category, which indicates that the device is eligible for receiving up to four security updates per year while Galaxy A31 falls under biannual security update that means it will only grab two updates in a year.

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