Samsung QuickStar’s new update fixes app crashing issue

Good Lock QuickStar is one of the popular modules which Samsung officially launched. The main characteristic of this app is its flexibility. It works seamlessly across Galaxy devices. Basically, this module helps you to customize the Quick panel.

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May 4th, 2023

Samsung developers released another update for its QuickStar application (Good Lock Plugin) with version number v6.4.08.45. As per the changelog, the update fixes the problem of not opening the app.

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April 28th, 2023

Coming the latest update, Samsung has now rolled out a new update for the QuickStar, which brings new features and improvements to the app. According to the changelog, the update supports hiding icons of modes and device care in “visibility of indicator icons.” Apart from these, with new features, it also improves the app’s stability, which makes it smoother.

What can you do with QuickStar?

With the help of QuickStar, you can easily make changes to the Quick panel of Galaxy devices; for instance, you can change the color of its interface as well as adjust the transparency of the Quick panel; it can even work in the multi-window with popup style and handles the notification that takes the experience of multitasking on a whole new level.

How to update QuickStar

There are two ways to update QuickStar. First method – Go to the Good Lock app, and find Quick Star; then, if you notice the update button appears at the side of the app, just click on it, and then it will get started downloading; alternatively, you can also use the Galaxy store. Just open the Galaxy store then, click on do search the QuickStar, then tap on the update button.

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