Samsung rolls out May 2023 security update for Galaxy Tab S7 series

Samsung has rapidly updated its smartphones with the May 2023 security patch. It’s worth appreciating that the company has expanded the update to many devices in a short period of time. After turning its focus from smartphones, the Korean giant has released a new security update for the Galaxy Tab S7 series devices.

Naturally, the May 2023 security update doesn’t bring any new features. However, it is one of the monthly security updates, so it does include some security-related fixes that enhance user safety. In other words, it includes some patches which are added by Google and by its own team. It is also possible that the update may bring the popular Image Clipper for the Galaxy Tab S7 series.

The Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7+ are getting May 2023 security updates with version numbers T876BXXU3DWD3 and T976BXXU3DWD3 sequentially. Currently, the update is rolling out in some European countries, including Austria, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Germany, the UK, and Greece.

Galaxy Tab S8 and Tab Active 4 Pro are updated with May 2023 security patch

According to Samsung SMR, The Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7+ devices are enjoying quarterly security updates, which indicates that these devices will only be able to receive only four security updates per year. In European countries, it has received an initial security update with One UI 5.1 in the form of February 2023. While in some latin american countries it has also received a March 2023 security update as their last update, and now these countries’ devices will receive May 2023 security update in the coming days.

Galaxy Tab S7 comes in three variants, including LTE, 5G, and Wifi. And as of now, the 5G variant is receiving May 2023 in the above-mentioned European countries. It is expected that other variants will also have new security updates soon. As the Galaxy Tab S7 series devices were launched back in 2020 and come with Android 10, they are no longer eligible for getting any Android update; however, they will continue to enjoy some more updates in the form of Security updates.

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