Samsung Nearby device scanning service gets new features with an update

Nowadays, smartphones are playing an important part in our daily routine. This is all possible because of the helpful features. With the latest development, companies have installed many applications that provide connectivity services that make it easy to do more on several devices together. Nearby device scanning is also one of those services. Let’s know more about it. 

Nearby device scanning is the inbuilt service of Samsung devices, and it provides a platform service that provides easy connection between Galaxy accessories and Galaxy smartphones. After building a successful connection, you can do a lot more things with it.

With the latest update, v11.1.11.4, the Nearby device scanning has grabbed some new functionalities now; it will show TV, DA, and SmarTag popup when smart things are uninstalled. The update comes in a 15.5MB software package. It may automatically get installed, or users can install it at the Galaxy store.

This service is working in the background, which drains your phone’s battery, so it is recommended to turn it off. To do so, go to the system settings, then tap on the connections, tap on more connection settings, then go to nearby device settings, and then turn on or turn off the feature.

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