Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro Brings New Audio Customizable Features

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro are the latest earbuds, which offer an immersive audio output which gives a good listening experience to users. The South Korean company has decided to go further, announcing a new update that further improves the Ambient Sound function and adds other accessibility-related features on the occasion of World Accessibility Awareness Day.

Samsung brings new additions to the Ambient sound feature

The Ambient sound feature offers sound amplification and gives the ability to users to listen to and stay aware of their surroundings. There are three levels of customization available that makes you set the level of sound amplification according to your comfort. Now with new additions company came with two new addition of levels, which will enhance the experience of the Ambient feature.

Han-gil Moon, Master and Head of the Advanced Audio Lab, MX Business at Samsung Electronics, commented on the novelty in these words: “We are excited to be introducing the new enhanced accessibility feature of the Galaxy Buds2 Pro to users on Global Accessibility Awareness Day”. “Samsung will continue to work to help each and every user experience the best possible audio anytime, anywhere with their Galaxy Buds2 Pro.”

When the update available?

The new enhancement to the Ambient feature will be available to Galaxy Buds 2 Pro users with upcoming software updates. However, the company hasn’t revealed any exact date, but we hope that it could be available in the coming weeks.

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