Samsung’s Exciting Progress in Solid-State Batteries

Besides smart devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, TVs, and monitors, the Korean firm has a tight hand on hardware manufacturing as well. Samsung makes various hardware elements, including Camera, Display, and Battery. The Seoul firm was making progress in all fields but solid-state batteries. Samsung has been working in this field for at least a decade, but the progress here seems quite slow.

Informatively, we have recently found some reports that point toward good news for Samsung SDI’s solid-state batteries. It is reported that Samsung is planning to make some major advancements in the field of solid-state batteries. It seems that two of Samsung’s divisions will produce this technology for different market segments. It will surely be proven beneficial to Samsung specifically and will help to improve the battery field.

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As per the reports, Samsung SDI is currently focusing on the development of solid-state batteries with sulfur electrolytes that are for the electric vehicle segment. On the other hand, Samsung Electro-Mechanics is performing research and developing oxide-based solid-state batteries. These oxide-based solid-state batteries are for the IT segment, specifically for future mobile devices.

The most appreciating thing about solid-state batteries is their ability to store more energy as compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries. Their more securer nature makes them even more praiseworthy as they do not catch fire if they are punctured. While on the other hand, lithium-based batteries aren’t safer in that manner, as they catch fire in the event of an impact.

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Consequently, it won’t be wrong to say that solid-state batteries are a safer option for electric mobility. There is no doubt that these technological advances will benefit the IT segment, as they make smartphones and tablets more secure and even more long-lasting than those with lithium-ion batteries.

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