One UI 6.0 will have live caption and full screen files drag & features

The Big G Google’s Android and the Korean firm Samsung’s One UI, both bring various separate novelties to their respective Pixel and Galaxy devices. Some of Android’s advancements and novelties make their way to One UI, but Samsung’s One UI-specific astonishments are limited to Galaxy devices only. Recently, we have found reports about two Android novelties that can be seen in Samsung’s One UI too. Let’s know about them.

Firstly, let us tell you a little about what is going on in the present. Notably, Google’s next OS version Android 14 already made its way to the market as a Beta update. Not only Pixel devices but other OEM devices are also experiencing this new OS. Informatively, as Samsung’s next-gen UI, the One UI 6 will also be based on this Android 14; it will offer some of the Android 14 novelties as well, one of which is listed below. 

Ability to drag and drop files/text between two full-screen apps

It is true that Android offers better multitasking abilities than iOS. But, with this latest OS version, Google will take Android’s multitasking abilities to the next level. Recently, the editor of the Google News Telegram channel, Nail Sadykov, shared a post on his Twitter handle. The tipster shared that Android 14 lets us use system navigation while dragging or dropping any item. He also shared a video for a better understanding.

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Let us explain this ability in simpler words. While in the split screen mode, if you long press on any file, image, or text, and perform the system navigation gesture with the second finger (while holding onto the media file), then you can drag or drop the selected file/text from one full-screen app to another full-screen app opened in the split screen view. Besides swiping between apps, you can also go back to the device’s home screen. 

As it is a part of Android 14, there is a high chance of it arriving in One UI 6 as well. If that happens, it will be proven beneficial for larger screen devices such as Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Tablets mainly. As per the expectations, Android 14-based One UI 6 will arrive on Galaxy devices later this year. 

Live Caption for Calls

This feature is not a part of the upcoming Android 14-based One UI 6 software; instead, it will arrive in the Galaxy devices with Google’s upcoming June 2023 Pixel Feature Drop, which is arriving next month. Informatively, Pixel device’s Live Caption for Calls feature is kind of similar to Samsung One UI 5.1’s Bixby Text Call feature, which converts the caller’s voice into text, and the AI-generated voice will read it aloud.

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As for the Pixel phone lineup, Google already confirmed that Pixel 4 and Pixel 5 devices will receive this feature. Unfortunately, it is currently unclear whether Google’s Live Caption for Calls will itself arrive on select Galaxy devices or whether we will get to see improvements in Samsung’s indigenous Bixby Text Call. If Android’s feature arrives in Galaxy phones, they will probably be for Android 13-booted devices only. 

Nota bene, Google Android’s Live Caption for Calls feature supports languages such as French, Italian, and German, while Samsung One UI 5.1’s Bixby Text Call supports English and Korean language only. If Galaxy phones get this Android feature, it will be interesting to see which users admire the most, Android’s Live Caption for Calls or One UI 5.1’s Bixby Text Call. 

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