Android Auto makes peace again with Samsung Galaxy S22

Samsung Galaxy S22 series users have faced many issues with the compatibility of Android Auto on their devices. These issues were present from the beginning. Several users have reported it, but Google didn’t take any significant steps. 

Android Auto is now compatible with the Galaxy S22

Google has recently released a new update for Android Auto, and as usual, the update doesn’t bring any innovation or tweaks for the app; however, with the update, a new twist arrived.

The team of developers of the Mountain View giant got to work to solve the bug, and last summer, Google announced that it had finally found the solution to the problem even if reports of users who were unable to take advantage of Android Auto with the Samsung Galaxy S22 series.

No More Samsung One UI Software Update

With the stable release of Android Auto 9.6, Galaxy S22 owners gain advantages as this update is fully compatible with their devices. Google’s team finally paid attention to the issue; it took them a year to fix the bug that caused many problems to users, like exploiting the potential of Google Assistant for the management of multimedia aspects and communications with your contacts.

How to download Android Auto 9.6

Samsung Galaxy S22 users can easily update the Android Auto app via Play Store, or you can also directly download the app file via Apkmirror and then install it on your device. The latest update comes in a software size of approximately 37 MB. 

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