Samsung’s Biometric Card IC: No More Pin or Signature

Samsung is always ahead in making useful technology that helps consumers to a large extent; the company always believes in innovation with security. Here is the new evidence of the Korean giant’s new development. The company has introduced a new biometric card technology where it makes it easy to use payment cards with a whole new experience.

Samsung recently showcased the fingerprint security chip at CES 2023, and it also won the best innovation awards in the Cybersecurity & Personal Privacy category; let’s explore this technology.

How the Biometric technology useful for people?

Traditionally, whenever we use cards, we have to remember the PIN. For doing transactions, we have to input the PIN frequently with every new transaction; with time, we are inhabited by it. Still, sometimes it may also be insecure, especially when you are doing high-value transactions, so to get rid of this hesitation, Samsung has now developed a new way to do payment transactions. The company has implemented Biometric technology in the cards, which will help to do the transaction with the help of fingerprint without the worry of PIN.

How it works

The new Biometric card will be easier and safer to use. The issuer of the card can give you a home-based enrolment service or at a supervised selected place. Up to three templates of fingers can be added to the card during enrolment, and the biometric data is securely stored on the card.

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After successful enrollment, you can be able to make payments. The cardholders can tap to insert their biometric card at a standard EMV point of sale terminal with the enrolled finger placed on the sensor built into the card. Then the card instantly verifies the user’s details, and once the details are matched then, the cards and authenticated and the transaction proceeds. In between transactions, your biometric information will be safe and not be shared with the merchant.

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This biometric card could be the next big step in financial evolution. It will help many people that haven’t used the online transaction facility yet for a variety of reasons. With this technology, the power of making online to more people who are having learning disabilities, literacy issues or visual impairments who may struggle with traditional payment methods.

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