Samsung June 2023 software update will improve the Galaxy S23’s camera

Samsung is expected to roll out a new update in June, which will be dedicated to camera improvements for Galaxy S23. The company will serve an exclusive update to its latest flagship device. 

The Galaxy S23 was introduced back in February; after the phone went into the hand of consumers, multiple complaints were coming from the user side; however, most of the issues were solved in the new software updates, but the camera still not performing as expected from the flagship device.

So the company is planning to serve a new camera-centric update this June; it is expected to be available in the next few days. It is assumed that the new update will improve the camera quality of the entire Galaxy S23 series. 

The new update should go to improve the camera quality of the entire Samsung Galaxy S23 series, which in some situations went to take photos with blurred areas. In addition to improvements to the quality of the shots, according to the well-known leaker Ice Universe, the new build will introduce a new portrait mode on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. 

The new portrait mode would allow you to shoot at 2x going to make a cut on the shot of the main 200-megapixel camera. All this should therefore be managed by the software and not by the hardware, but always according to Ice Universe, the quality seems to be very good and has exceeded its expectations.

Apart from improvements, it will also add new 2X Zoom functionality to the portrait mode, while currently, the device only allows you to take portraits at 1X and 3X. Till now, Samsung has not given June patch update to any device. So it is a high chance that the company will start the June rollout session with the Galaxy S23 series.

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