Google Play Services discontinue support for Android 4.4 KitKat

When KitKat was unveiled on September 3, 2013, the main objective was to optimize the operating system, which enhances the functionality of older devices. On Android smartphones, it uses up to 512 MB of RAM. Offers features such as Better Memory Management, Fast multitasking, Built-in Sensors, and Lock Screen Art.

Google Play Services announced that it will stop supporting Android KitKat in new versions as of August 2023. Just before its 10th anniversary, KitKat will stop receiving support. According to the business, KitKat-running devices will no longer get updates or support from Google Play Services. Google shared the reason for this less than 1% of Android smartphones run KitKat as of July 2023. Maintaining the outdated Play Services platform under support, given the limited user base, is something that the firm doesn’t want.

According to the blog that Google posted on Android Developers Blog, Android KitKat after version 23.30.99 will not get further support from Play services. So it’s confirmed that starting in August 2023, KitKat-related API levels 19 and 20 will no longer be supported. Android devices’ Google Play Services keep them updated with the most recent security features, update apps and activate essential functionality. Android handsets using the KitKat version will stop functioning properly once Google Play Services are no longer supported.

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This is not the first time something similar happened in 2021 when Google terminated its support for Android Jelly, which faced the issue of less than 1% of active smartphones in 2021 running the out-of-date Android operating system, which debuted in 2012. At that time, Google shared the reason as “increased developer and QA time spent on new features that require special handling.”

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