Google’s Android Updates Are Leaving Manufacturers in the Dust

Currently, Google is the one running the Android operating system for different devices. From time to time, the company introduces some new updates that bring some new features to the devices. Along with this, the company also rolls out some patch updates to improve the security of devices.

However, Google does not distribute the security updates directly to all the devices; it gives them to the respective brand manufacturers, who then decide when they will distribute them to their devices. Every piece of software provided by Google is open source, which gives manufacturers the ability to add some more important things with updates. But even after so much support, manufacturers still delay providing the new updates.

Security problems faced by users due to delays in updates

Earlier today, Google published a report on the base of the year in Review of O-Days, which is dedicated to the security vulnerabilities found during 2022. On the basis of that, Google has directed the Android manufacturer to release fast updates to the users. Due to the delay, users have to face many security problems, which decreases their reliability on the Android OS.

On the basis of the report, Google also analyzed that the Android device manufacturers are also unable to fill patch gaps, so users of those devices have to face many issues related to security vulnerabilities. Apart from these, the report also concluded that over 40% of the zero-day vulnerabilities discovered were variants of previously reported vulnerabilities.

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