Google will protect you from being tracked by sending an alert

In May, Google and Apple joined hands and started a project to find a solution to protect users from being tracked by Airtags and similar devices. Regarding this, Google has announced that it will start rolling out the notification feature about unknown trackers on devices running Android 6.0 and up. But currently, it’s started working with Apple Air tags.

Google will expand the tracker notification to Android devices

Being the parent company of Android, Google will surely expand this feature to Android devices. But to implement this feature effectively, Google is discussing it with manufacturers of different brands that also provide similar gadgets like AirTags; for instance, Samsung has the Smart Tag.

How does the notification alert work?

If any Bluetooth tracker is moving with you and being tracked from very far away, then it will send a notification to you. To get the alert with sound, you can also activate the option, so when the tracker notification arrives, it also makes the sound.

You can also search for trackers

Whenever you receive a notification about tracking, just tap on it. Then you will be able to find out more about the tracker and also view a map of where it has moved with you. It will exactly tell the location from the start, so you can easily find where anyone kept the device in their bag, pocket, or car. You can also disable the tracker, so the owner of the device will not receive any future updates; however, it is questionable whether by doing so Google will end the functionality of the tracker or if there are some limitations to it.

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