Samsung could have among its plans to launch a Galaxy Z Fold FE or Z Flip FE

After the presentation of the latest folding phones by the Korean giant, there is a lot of talk about the next devices in the Fan Edition line. Recently, there have been many rumors about both the Galaxy S23 FE and the Galaxy Tab S9 FE tablets.

Many people probably wondered, given the price of Samsung’s foldable phone, if the company planned to release a Galaxy Z Fold FE or Z Flip FE in the future. Drew Blackard, Samsung’s Vice President of Mobile Product Marketing, was interviewed by Tom’s Guide and asked about a number of things, including the possibility of a future FE series folding phone. See what the boss has to say.

During the interview stated in the beginning, colleagues asked the Samsung executive about different things about the Galaxy Z Fold5 and Galaxy Z Flip5, such as how the hinges were made, how the competition was growing, what might stop people from buying them, and more.

The most interesting part of the interview, though, is about the company’s possible plans to release a foldable smartphone, called Fold or Flip, as part of its Fan Edition line in the future: Fans of the industry know this series for its high-quality products. These devices have some of the best features of their more famous peers, but because of some sacrifices, they can be sold for less.

The Samsung executive doesn’t say anything about a possible FE series folding phone, but he does think about how the company’s folding phones might get cheaper in the future:

The folds will eventually go down in price. This year we really focused on solving the weaknesses we saw for our current foldable user base. With Fold, a lot of that had to do with making it thinner, making it lighter, powerful processing. And on Flip, this was guided through the flexible window and coverage screen experience. So we’re focused on continuing to perfect the experience. Of course, over time, as technology evolves, we will continue to see innovation and, hopefully, reduce its price at a time to come.

So, the Korean giant focuses more on the quality of its folding devices than on how easy they are to use. However, once the experience has been improved, it’s not impossible that the company will want to make more products.

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Based on what was said, it seems unlikely that Samsung will release a foldable smartphone in the FE series, at least not in the near future. With a little wait, though, as the technology behind these products gets cheaper, the devices should also get cheaper.

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