Samsung ends software support for two Galaxy phones

Samsung is getting ready to release One UI 6 based on Android 14 for its flagship Galaxy S23 series. And later on other Samsung phones, the company’s software support is going in different directions.

Samsung is actively distributing new updates for the Galaxy devices, but the company has set some limitations on them. Actually, Samsung has issued a software update policy that says that Galaxy devices will get software updates for a maximum of five years. So to follow it, Samsung, from time to time, retires its Galaxy devices that have reached their limitations.

Even though Samsung tries to keep its software updated, some of its devices eventually get fewer updates (you can see the list of Samsung Galaxy phones updating in August), and eventually, their software support ends. This is happening to two older phones from South Korea.

But the update plan is a bit shorter for the cheaper phones and older ones. Recently, we’ve seen that some Samsung Galaxy phones get updates every three months (not every month), which happens before they stop getting updates altogether.

Two Samsung Galaxy phones will no longer receive updates

According to the information, the Galaxy A80 and Galaxy Xcover 4s have retired from getting any updates in the future, and we are saying this on the basis of Samsung’s official documentation, where Samsung listed all the devices that are eligible for new software updates, but now the company has removed both the devices from there.

Samsung Ended Software Support For Galaxy Smartphones – One UI

If we talk in detail, Samsung’s software update policy is very flexible because this year, there are several devices that got a surprise update that have already reached the end of software updates. For instance, you can see the Galaxy S10 devices that have received some additional updates instead of their quota. Another example is the Galaxy Watch. Samsung has pushed a new software update for its original Galaxy Watch to improve its performance. And there are many more examples available like these.

 Galaxy A80

The Samsung Galaxy A80 was a medium-range, high-end smartphone that had the peculiarity of offering a front part dominated by a large 6.7-inch Super AMOLED display without interruptions but without a camera under the display: the main photographic compartment, double (48 +8 MP) with ToF sensor, was motorized and could rotate to become the front camera if necessary.

Galaxy Xcover 4s

The Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4s was a smartphone from the rugged series of the South Korean giant with a not-too-attractive design (16:9 display with large frames and bands above and below the display) and medium-low-range technical specifications (including the 14nm Exynos 7885 SoC, joined by just 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage).

These devices were launched in 2019. Both of the devices came with Android 9 on board and received two major updates. Since then, these devices have also received more updates in the form of security patches, and now both have reached the end of their software support together. However, as we said earlier, Samsung may bring any surprise updates to them.

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