Samsung Smart Switch gets new improvement update

Samsung has rolled out a new update for the Smart Switch application. For starters, the Smart Switch is one of the very useful applications that allows users to easily transfer data from one device to another. Whenever you want to switch devices, you can easily take all the data from the other device.

The most special thing about this application is that it is capable of transferring data even across platforms. Now, to improve the capability, Samsung has rolled out a new update for the application.

Samsung updates SmartSwitch 

Samsung has rolled out the new update of SmartSwitch, which comes with version number The latest update doesn’t bring any new changes to the device, but it is expected that the update will surely improve the overall performance of the app.

The latest update is now available on the Galaxy Store with 34.65 MB of software. It doesn’t seem like any significant changes have been made; however, we hope it will swiftly increase the stability of the functions that were causing lags in the previous version.

If you are transferring data via cable or wirelessly, you should keep these points in mind:

  1. To transfer data, both devices must have a minimum of 500 MB of free space in their internal memory.
  2. If you are using a wired connection, your device must support the ‘Transferring Media Files (MTP)’ USB option to allow content to be transferred.
  3. If you have a non-Samsung device that constantly disconnects from the wireless network, go to Advanced Wi-Fi on your device, turn off the “Wi-Fi initialize” and “Disconnect low Wi-Fi signal” options, and try again.

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