Android Auto Audio Bug Affecting Many Users: How to fix it

Android Auto is one of those Google applications that has faced a lot of criticism over the years, but Google hasn’t taken any hard steps towards improving the application. With the latest update coming after v10.1, a new issue has arrived.

Users reported that, due to a new bug, they are not enjoying their audio content on Android Auto. Several users are facing the issue after updating Android Auto; however, it is not clear if the issue is occurring in the 10.2 or 10.3 version.

The new bug is decreasing the quality of the audio, and it is not limited to any particular app; for example, if you play YouTube Music or Spotify, you will get a decreased quality of audio content. It is worth noticing that the issue is affecting the audio quality when using Google Assistant via voice command while playing audio from any app.

At first, it looked like it was a problem with Google Assistant, but as users claimed that they got rid of the issue, they followed the usual technique and just installed the older version of Android Auto. According to the information shared by users, to resolve the problem, you have to install the 10.1 version.

How to fix Android Auto low music audio quality while using Google assistant

So if you are using the older version of Android Auto, don’t go for a new update, and in case you’re one of the users who are facing the issue, you can install the previous update by following this link.

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