At CES 2024, Samsung unveiled its “AI for All” vision

Highlighting how artificial intelligence (AI) technology would improve the user experience across all linked devices, Samsung Electronics revealed its groundbreaking “AI for All” vision at CES 2024. Resolving to improve gadget visibility, security, and energy efficiency is emphasized in the company’s plans, which were unveiled during a press conference.

The Vice Chairman, CEO, and Head of Samsung’s Device Experience (DX) Division, Jong-Hee (JH) Han, underlined the importance of AI in delivering smooth and practical linked experiences. In order to make daily living easier, the focus is on incorporating AI into a variety of products and services.

AI-Powered Digital Appliances and Visual Display Products Revolutionize Living Spaces:

  • At the press conference, Samsung showcased breakthroughs in digital appliances and visual display goods, as well as AI-infused items.
  • The NQ8 AI Gen 3 processor in the Neo QLED 8K QN900D automatically improves content quality to provide an immersive 8K watching experience.
  • Accessibility features, such as audio subtitles and sign language gestures, cater to users with particular needs.
  • Experience the movie theater in your own house with the Premiere 8K, a wireless projector featuring a 150-inch display.
  • Along with these significant improvements, Samsung unveiled Music Frame, an adjustable speaker, and Ballie, an AI robot that can now perform interactive activities.

Deck up your kitchen with these AI-integrated appliances:

  • Samsung is introducing the Bespoke 4-Door FlexTM Refrigerator with AI Family HubTM+1 to improve cooking and food experiences.
  • The new AI Vision Inside, showcased on this refrigerator’s 32-inch screen, uses an internal camera to identify up to 33 distinct food products as they are placed inside and taken out.
  • It then offers recipes that incorporate those ingredients.
  • The Bespoke 4-Door FlexTM Refrigerator with AI Family HubTM screen also allows users to set “use by dates” for food products.
  • When the designated date approaches, the refrigerator will notify the user.
  • These AI features make it easier for people to lead more ecologically responsible lives by conveniently lowering food waste and saving money.

Technological Developments in Automotive Partnerships and Home-to-Car Communication:

  • Samsung and Hyundai Motor Group have partnered to provide home-to-car and car-to-home services via SmartThings connectivity.
  • Users can use voice commands to operate their cars and vice versa, improving the flow of information between the home and driving environments.
  • Improvements in in-cabin experiences and driver safety are also part of the partnership, thanks to technologies like Harman Ready Care and Ready Vision.
  • Harman’s Ready Care is a driver safety solution that employs deep learning neural networking techniques to track a driver’s movements and level of cognitive alertness.
  • It can also send out customized alerts and reminders. Furthermore, Ready Care is now capable of determining if the passengers are kids or adults and modifying the airbag deployment settings appropriately.

With the use of spatial AI, which enables more individualized home management, this vision can be realized by helping gadgets comprehend the user’s living space and routines. To enable customers to effortlessly monitor the location and status of every gadget they own, SmartThings leverages LiDAR9 technology on networked devices, such as robotic vacuums, to generate digital floor layouts. Furthermore, for a more thorough experience on Samsung TVs and smartphones, SmartThings will launch an enhanced 3D Map View in March. Users will also be able to invite friends and family to their SmartThings ecosystem with only a simple QR code, enabling each member of the family to establish their own schedule.

Galaxy Book 4 series:

  • The Samsung Galaxy smartphone and the Galaxy Book4 series are connected by Microsoft Copilot7, which makes use of clever, user-friendly AI capabilities to enable the two devices to function as a single, seamless unit.
  • In addition to automatically creating and sending messages on a user’s behalf straight from the PC, Microsoft Copilot can locate, read, or summarize text messages from a user’s Galaxy smartphone.
  • The Galaxy Book4 series can access smartphone operations and information more quickly and intelligently without needing to turn on the smartphone and open each separate app.
  • The strong camera on Samsung Galaxy smartphones can now be used as a PC webcam by the Galaxy Book4 series.
  • This allows users to make video chats using virtual conference programs. With only a click on their device, users may effortlessly switch between their front and rear cameras.

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