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Samsung Good Lock Supported Device List



Samsung Galaxy devices come with the highly acclaimed One UI user interface. With the One UI skin, Samsung is eligible to get many new features and intuitiveness for using the device. Along with this, skiing also brings the cool ability to customize almost all the UI elements according to the user’s taste. 

Good Lock: A module store

Good Lock provides a list of modules that can be used after installation. There are a lot of modules categorized into two lists, including MakeUP and LifeUP.

Under the makeup list, there are models that allow users to manage the interface of a device in multiple aspects. This list includes modules like Theme Park, Wonderland, Lockstar, Keys Cafe, and many more.

Meanwhile, under the Life Up list, there are models that allow users to manage their daily routine functions in more convenient ways, including multitasking, edge touch, routines, cameras, and many more system functions.

Good lock availability: countries and devices

Good Lock, one of the most appreciated features of the Galaxy device, has been limited to certain countries due to unknown reasons, but the company is gradually expanding its availability. Along with the region limitations, due to some hardware or software limitations, the company has also made it available for select devices. The list below is based on official confirmation from Samsung.

Samsung Good Lock Supported Device List:

Galaxy S series:

Galaxy S7

Galaxy S7 edge

Galaxy S8 series

Galaxy S9 series

Galaxy S10 series

Galaxy S20 series

Galaxy S20 FE

Galaxy S21 series

Galaxy S21 FE

Galaxy S22 series

Galaxy S23 series

Galaxy S23 FE

Galaxy S24 series

Galaxy Z series

Galaxy Fold

Galaxy Z Flip LTE

Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G

Galaxy Z Flip 5G

Galaxy Z Fold 3

Galaxy Z Flip 3

Galaxy Z Fold 4

Galaxy Z Flip 4

Galaxy Z Fold 5

Galaxy Z Flip 5

Galaxy Note series:

Galaxy Note 7

Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy Note 9

Galaxy Note 10

Galaxy Note 10+

Galaxy Note 10 5G

Galaxy Note 10 Lite

Galaxy Note 20

Galaxy Note 20 5G

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G

Galaxy A series:

Galaxy A30

Galaxy A30s

Galaxy A31

Galaxy A32

Galaxy A32 5G

Galaxy A33 5G

Galaxy A34 5G

Galaxy A35 5G

Galaxy A40

Galaxy A41

Galaxy A42 5G

Galaxy A50

Galaxy A50s

Galaxy A51

Galaxy A51 5G

Galaxy A52

Galaxy A52 5G

Galaxy A53 5G

Galaxy A54 5G

Galaxy A55 5G

Galaxy A60

Galaxy A70

Galaxy A70s

Galaxy A71

Galaxy A71 5G

Galaxy A72

Galaxy A73 5G

Galaxy A80

Galaxy A90 5G

Galaxy Tab S series:

Galaxy Tab S4

Galaxy Tab S6

Galaxy Tab S6 5G

Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Galaxy Tab S7

Galaxy Tab S7+

Galaxy Tab S7 FE

Galaxy Tab S8

Galaxy Tab S8+

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Galaxy Tab S9

Galaxy Tab S9+

Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

Galaxy Tab S9 FE

Galaxy Tab S9 FE+

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Circle to Search is no longer exclusive to Samsung and Pixel devices



We are in the tech era where nothing lasts limited, and Android’s exclusive Circle to Search feature is a hot topic in the tech market after being a couple of months older than how it cannot be available on iOS. The reportedly new Circle to Search feature could come to Chrome on iOS. 

Samsung is the one who brought Circle to Search into existence, initially introduced on its recently launched Galaxy S24series, but the backbone of the feature is Google since this feature uses Google’s algorithm to run. It later came to the Pixel smartphones and tablets. 

Circle to Search Expands Reach: Feature Spotted in Chrome for iOS

At the I/O 2024 event, Google promised to expand the Circle to Search feature’s reach to 200 million devices by the end of 2024. Probably, this could include the iPhone as well. 

This probability is being speculated by the reports from Mac Observer, who spotted something interesting hiding in Chrome for iOS. As per his analysis, a new “Lens Circle to Search” flag appears that was silently added to the app, and once the flag is enabled, the Circle to Search feature will be available within Google Lens on iOS. 

If this analysis comes true, then iPhone users could get the power to start circling and searching to their hearts’s content. However, it is quite obvious that there will be little difference in the way of functionality or appearance as compared to the system-wide integration Circle to Search has on Android. 

As a result, the feature appears to be limited to being used on Chrome for iOS. At the moment, it is not clear whether this feature would only be limited to the iPhone or if it could also make its way to the iPad. Google is also yet to officially confirm its plans to roll out the Cirlce to Search feature for iOS. 

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Samsung Care+ Lets You Two Claims Per Year With No Extra Cost




Samsung India introduced upgrades to its Samsung Care+ program to enhance the convenience of customers by offering them two claims per year at no extra cost

Samsung Care+ is an extra insurance package for accidental damage to your Galaxy devices, including smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and notebooks. It goes beyond Samsung’s usual warranty period to offer extended protection. Usually, Samsung Care+ only offers two claims within two years, but now things have changed as Samsung releases a new announcement. 

The new announcement asserts that it will cover both screen protection as well as accidental and liquid damage. Samsung Care+ is the exclusive authorized program for Galaxy devices, providing full coverage without even a decrease in value. 

Interested customers can register claims through walk-in, pick-up, and drop-off facilities. This exclusive Samsung Care+ is provided by Samsung-authorized technicians who are specially trained to repair Samsung Galaxy devices, and they use actual Samsung parts to ensure optimal device performance and endurance. 

Samsung Care+ provides some convenient offers, which are mentioned below: 

  • Hardware repair: instant repairs by authorized technicians using genuine parts. 
  • Battery replacements: unexacting battery replacements to keep your device powered up. 
  • Water damage repair: offers hassle-free service for accidental liquid damage. 
  • Software coverage: This offer helps in fixing issues to deliver smooth device operation. 

The giant offers four protection plans to meet various user needs. The claim process is hassle-free, requiring no documentation and ensuring data privacy. 

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Android Auto 12 stable update available for everyone




Last week, Google introduced the beta update for Android Auto with v12. Now, after testing for a week, the search giant has started rolling out the stable version for Android Auto Stable version 12, compatible with cars.

For starters, Android Auto is an infotainment system that offers a whole bunch of functionality that you usually use on smartphones, but to provide convenience to car drivers, Google has introduced Android Auto, which offers almost all the features of smartphones accessible directly from the car display. For instance, users can easily find information on the internet, access different video or music streaming apps, etc.

Being a Google product is not yet successful in providing seamless services as compared to other devices; however, with the new Android Auto 12 stable update, the company is trying its best to make Android Auto an important part of cars. To do that, the company frequently brings new updates to the application.

With the continuous upgrade, now Android Auto has reached the twelfth edition in a very short time; however, with the latest major update, the company hasn’t brought any changelog, so there are currently no details on whether any changes happened to the application or not.

Based on the recent announcement, it is possible that the company may start preparing for the new changes that will reshape Android Auto compatibility for new applications. The company has also decided to introduce new guidelines for the developers, so it is possible that I may initiate the platform to make it more compatible for better access to new applications. To take advantage of new updates, you can install the latest update from the Google Play Store.

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