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Android 15

Android 15 Updates Will Enhance The Overall Android Ecosystem



Google’s I/O developer conference focuses on updates to its Android ecosystem to bring new experiences and a strong layer of security, battery life optimizations on watches, and entertainment to TVs, cars, and more. 

Android 15 Update Have New Features

Now Google is introducing Android 15 Beta 2 and offering more ways to improve the OS version to help you stay protected. Let’s take a closer look at the forthcoming updates coming to the Android ecosystem. 

  • Let’s create a private app space. 

Android 15 introduces a new and convenient feature called “Private Space” that helps secure dedicated space on your device to store private apps from unauthorized access. It just asks for extra authentication and keeps everything hidden from the main view; for instance, a digital safe. You can also set up a dedicated lock for private space and hide its existence altogether. 

  • Theft Detection Lock: 

By the end of this year, a new theft detection lock is expected to arrive, which will help keep personal and financial data safe to avoid the risk of fraud or loss in the event that your phone is ever snatched from you. This feature will use Google AI to sense if someone snatches your phone from your hand and tries to run, bike, or drive away with it, and once a theft motion is detected, it will instantly be locked down to keep personal details out of the wrong hands. 

  • More real-time protection over fraudulent apps 

Google Play Protect will help you analyze app behavior and identify potential phishing or scams by using on-device AI. This real-time protection will add-on security as it will not touch any of your private details; however, it will flag suspicious applications and take action, such as warnings or disabling the application if required. 

  • Message with RCS in Japan: 

RCB enabled in Google’s messaging app benefits from a more upgraded and secure messaging experience. Along with high-resolution photo and video sharing, improved group chats, end-to-end encryption, and more, Google is working with KDDI and other partners to bring an updated messaging experience to Japan with RCS in Google Messages. 

  • Let’s add items to Google Wallet from the image: 

In the upcoming updates, you will have the power to add digital versions of any pass, even those without a barcode, by simply taking a picture. This counts things such as event tickets, library cards, and gym memberships. Google Wallet is expanding its reach in the US. 

  • Explore AR content in Google Maps

Google will soon let you access augmented reality (AR) content directly in Google Maps on your device, helping you learn more about a location in new and alluring ways. This feature is being tested for now in Singapore and Paris, but it paves the way for a major extended reality (XR) platform for all Android phones, built with Samsung and Qualcomm. 

  • More apps in the car: 

Soon you can access streaming services like Max and Peacock, play games, and use a wider range of apps in a few particular cars with Google built-in. Google Cast is arriving in cars with the Android Automotive OS. 

  • Find new content with AI on Google TV

This will help you find things to watch more easily than ever; it will create personalized summaries for movies and shows based on your choice. 

  • Improve training with Wear OS5 updates

Wear OS 5, expected to arrive later this year, boasts at least up to 20% more battery life. Fitness applications will support further data points, for instance, ground contact time, helping you improve your performance. 

  • Connect your device. ecosystem – 

The upcoming update will enhance features and functionality, such as fast pairing, tracking battery life, locating lost devices with the new Find My Device, and finding things like keys or stuff with Bluetooth tracker tags from Chipolo and Pebblebee. 

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Android 15

Samsung One UI 7.0 with Android 15: When Is It Coming?



Samsung is already done with the Android 14-based One UI 6.1 era, and its upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 will run One UI 6.1.1 out of the box. Now the giant is actively working to introduce the Android 15-based One UI 7.0update. Here’s the possible release date for One UI 7. 

Android 15 and One UI 7.0 Release Date

It has already been reported that Samsung has started its One UI 7 internal beta testing for the Galaxy S24. Galaxy smartphone users are eagerly waiting for the next major update, which is expected to bring tons of new features, improvements, and upgrades. The notable part of this upcoming update is that it will bring new AI-powered tools to expand the Galaxy AI package. 

When to Expect Samsung’s Android 15-based One UI 7.0

However, the internal beta testing for the One UI 7 has been spotted on the server, but Samsung has yet to confirm the arrival date for the update. Although, following the previous major One UI update release, One UI 7 is highly expected to arrive in late October 2024. The giant released OneUI 6.0 last year on October 30. Before that, OneUI 5.0 was released on October 24th. By these scheduled metrics, One UI 7.0 is expected to go live sometime in the final days of October. 

Now, as per recent report, One UI 7 will not arrive as early as was expected since there are a few circumstances, such as One UI 6.1.1. According to the tipster, the brand will start rolling out the One UI 6.1.1 to Galaxy S24 users in August. After that, it will look forward to the One UI 7 schedule. 

However, it’s possible that this time the brand could delay the One UI 7 official release since it is expanding the Galaxy AI package by offering more generative AI-powered tools. This fact is speculated since the giant got delayed in One UI 6.1 development, and the blame goes to the AI features. 

Before the stable release, Samsung usually offers the chance to test the latest major One UI upgrades through its beta program. The Galaxy S23 One UI 6.0 beta program went live in August last year. Samsung has yet to announce the launch date of the Android 15-based One UI 7.0 update. It will be interesting to see what new novelties the brand will offer with this major update.

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Android 15

Android 15 Reaches Beta 3: Platform Stability Approaching




Google has been working on the Android 15 development since the start of the year. The company introduced the first beta update in April 2024, then gradually moved forward with more updates. It is worth noticing that between the major beta updates, the search giant has also introduced some more updates in the form of fixes. It is now constantly moving in the development, but it has made the third beta update live for the Pixel devices.

Android 15 Beta 3: What’s New 

With the latest Android 15 beta 3, Google has introduced some new changes and improvements for the functionality of the devices. According to the changelog, users can now sign in to apps with passcodes using biometrics in one step. If users dismiss the passcode prompt, they can still see it in autofill suggestions. Now, credential providers can integrate with the system UI through a single-step sign-in experience, which makes the process more convenient. 

Additionally, WebSQL support in Android Webview is disproved, and it is planned to be removed in the next year. So developers are advised to switch to web storage API technologies like indexedDB. It is worth noticing that the latest beta update brings the June 2024 security patch to the devices. 

Availability and installation 

Android 15 beta 3 is live for all the eligible Pixel devices. For your information, the beta update is available for these devices: Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, Pixel 6a, Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, Pixel 7a, Pixel Fold, Pixel Tablet, Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, and Pixel 8a. If you are using any of the devices, you should start getting new beta updates for your service. If you don’t enroll in the beta program, you can still do that by following this process

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Android 15

Android 15 Can Auto-Delete Unreliable Face and Fingerprint Unlocks




Google is actively working on its next major update, Android 15. Today it made the third beta ready to download, which brings a new feature that can automatically delete biometrics that are not working seamlessly. 

Most Android smartphones offer biometrics facilities such as fingerprint scanners or facial recognition for unlocking to add an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access. Their accuracy can differ depending on the sensor, producer adjustments, or user scenarios. To take user complaints seriously, the upcoming Android 15 update might help by recommending the re-enrollment of biometrics that are not working well. 

The latest beta of Android 15 introduces a new feature that automatically deletes poorly functioning fingerprint or facial recognition data and prompts the user to re-enroll. The notification will assure the user that the data was deleted because of a malfunction, and it will ask to be re-set up for phone unlocking. 

Android smartphones allow users to manually delete their face or fingerprint model for so long by taking a few easy steps to Settings >> Security & Privacy >> Device Unlock >> Fingerprint & Face Unlock. Select the particular biometric option you want to delete, and then tap on the trash icon. 

However, the feature is still developing in the current beta version, so its functionality is uncertain, at least for now. It remains to be seen exactly how this new feature will work and how convenient it will be. 

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