Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Leaks, Updates, and Specification

In today’s leak, we have Galaxy watch 5 pro leaks, rumors, updates, and possible release time according to reliable leakers Anthony(@TheGalox_)and Ice Universe(@UniverseIce)and some media reports.

The galaxy watch series has its own separate fan base, which has seen constant improvement. This time talk of the town for this device will have these features;

  • A 3 + day battery life with a massive 572 mAH battery.
  • The rotating bezel will be removed.
  • Sapphire glass and titanium frame.
  • There will be two different sized models for the same watch.

Battery Life And Aesthetics:

As per leaks, the watch Claims 3+ days of battery life. At the same time, people have doubts about how Samsung will fit such a large battery in a watch as it would increase the size and could mess up aesthetics. It could probably be a new battery innovation from Samsung they will use in Galaxy S23 series, some people have pointed out.

Rotating Bezel Or Not:

Samsung has had the last few years working with the rotating bezel, but it seems that Galaxy pro 5 and another lineup of watches are not going to have a rotating bezel altogether finally going to ditch that part for now because Samsung’s one UI skin performs much better without it, Samsung has already adapted the rotating bezel and removed it earlier devices also. Samsung is expected to have three smartwatches lined up for later this year. At the same time, some customers will like it, and some don’t; the overall success of the galaxy watch pro 5 is in the future when it’s expected to release later this year, probably at the end of the 3rd quarter of this year.

Type of Glass and frame :

Samsung could use a titanium frame and a sapphire glass to increase the watch’s durability.

While no leaks reveal about exact price, it could get extremely pricey because of the current shortage of components and the recent pandemic. And inflation. Finally, it could be revealed later 3rd quarter or early 4rth quarter this year.

Media sources:

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