Telus scheduled June 2022 upcoming firmware for Samsung smartphones in Canada

We have already seen several updates rolling out the past month and are continuing in June for several regions. Recently, the release date for the firmware update and what changes it’s going to bring has been posted on the official Samsung and Telus community by users and community managers for an expected software update of Samsung devices Canadian region, below is the update cycle chart:

Telus (Canada) Software Updates Schedule For Samsung:

Samsung Galaxy A53Jun 1Security update + optimization
Samsung Galaxy A03sJun 1Security update + optimization
Samsung Galaxy S21 FEJun 1Security update + optimization
Samsung Galaxy A32Jun 7Security update + optimization
Samsung Galaxy S10eJun 14Security update + optimization
Samsung Galaxy S10Jun 14Security update + optimization
Samsung Galaxy S10+Jun 14Security update + optimization
Samsung Galaxy Z FlipJun 14Security update + optimization
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5GJun 14Security update + optimization
Samsung Galaxy S22Jun 14Security update + optimization
Samsung Galaxy S22+Jun 14Security update + optimization
Samsung Galaxy S22 UltraJun 14Security update + optimization

Note that all dates are approximate and subject to change; posted dates reflect when the update is released but can take a few weeks to roll out to all devices. Telus usually approves within a week after a month of testing from the original release of software/firmware, but sometimes it could take from 4 weeks to 6 months.

Telus Communication provides the software update to the users; unlike the unlocked smartphones, the carrier-locked smartphones get the software update after 3 step process: Manufacturer testing, Internal Network Testing, and Regulatory approval.

The device manufacturer performs testing on new os or software; new software is provided to Telus. It conducts internal testing of oS/software against their carrier network for compatibility. When device manufacturers and carrier operators agree on a new os/software for its stability, it’s submitted to the Canadian regulatory board. After meeting Canadian regulatory and fcc requirements, it’s then approved for a device manufacturer to release the update.

Telus Communications Inc. (TCI) is the wholly-owned principal subsidiary of Telus Corporation. This Canadian national telecommunications company provides a wide range of telecommunications products and services, including internet access, voice, entertainment, healthcare, video, and IPTV television.

In the past, we have already seen other updates for different regions; nothing major came out apart from the security patches and minor tweaking of stock apps and UI; we should expect the same for this region.

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