Samsung Health App indirectly confirm that there will be no Galaxy Watch 5 Classic

Recently, according to several media reports, the Samsung Health beta (v6.22.0.069) app has confirmed Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. It’s not new that Samsung has leaked the unreleased devices in their beta apps. They have done this previously too. This time it’s the Galaxy Watch 5 series.

Here are the expected features and information about the upcoming Galaxy Watch 5 series:

  • It will be ditching the rotating bezel(devices can be controlled up to a point without touching the screen).
  • Beta health app list Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro but no Classic.
  • The beta is currently messing battery drain of the Galaxy Watch 4
  • There is no physical bezel, but a capacitive or visual bezel is possible, like the Tizen-powered Galaxy Watch Active 2.
  • Competition with the upcoming Google Pixel Watch.
  • Developing under codename heart S SM-R90X, Heart L SM-R91X.
  • It could be coming with a temperature sensor.
  • Will sport Google Wear OS 3.0 or One UI Watch 4.5.
  • It could release this year in August.
  • The ‘Classic’ name could be removed.
  • Galaxy watch 5 Pro could be equipped with a 572 mAH battery.
  • It could sport a sapphire glass and titanium frame.

These are reported from several media reports from major players in tech reporting; however, it will only get clear after its release. 

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