Carrier-locked Galaxy Tab A7 Lite gets One UI 5.1.1 update with new features in the US

Last month, Samsung introduced the One UI 5.1.1 update to the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite devices, but at that time, the update was limited to European units. Now,  the company is expanding the update to the US. With the latest update, the company has brought several new features and improvements to the devices, which will give you a whole new experience with your device.

Galaxy Tab A7 Lite: One UI 5.1.1 Update on Verizon

The One UI 5.1.1 is the latest skin upgrade for Galaxy devices and comes with whole new features that will enhance the system-level functions and bring improvements under the following headings:

Multi-Widow: To enhance multitasking, Samsung has brought some new features under the multi-window function, like improved app arrangements on recent screens, the ability to easily launch a multi-window or pop-up view with drag-and-drop widows, and the addition of hand drag-and-drop functionality.

Taskbar: Now the taskbar can show up to four recent apps, which will provide more convenience in switching applications quickly.

Gallery: There are three innovations introduced in the Gallery, like adding more date and time watermarks, new copy and paste effects features, and also adding a focus view to highlight individuals.

Samsung Health: When paired with the Galaxy Watch, Samsung Health now provides upgraded sleep management, including sleep score factors, sleep consistency, and sleep animal symbols. You can also access sleep coaching from your Galaxy Watch to track your progress and stay motivated throughout the day.

Quick Share: There are two new features added under the application that will provide more ease to users to share the content, such as private sharing, which enables users to set time limits and prevent recipients from resharing files. Additionally,  it has also added share to the contacts menu, which will make it easy to share the files with the contacts.

Device Care: In this section, Samsung has introduced two new options: clear cache and memory resident apps, which will provide more convenience in managing memory.

Mobile Hotspot: With the new update, users will now be able to set limitations on their data usage. There are three innovations introduced for it, such as a dedicated dashboard, data limits and limits for managing it, and also one-time password functionality to provide temporary access to the hotspot.

Bluetooth: The new Auracast functionality is now enabled for users to listen to the live broadcasts.

All these One UI 5.1.1 features are available for the carrier-locked variant of the Galaxy Tab A7 lite, which is affiliated with the Verizon network. The latest update is coming with firmware version number T227USQU7CWI3. It also includes the latest security patch in the form of August 2023, which will give more protection to the users. The update is now live for the devices, so you can easily update your device by going to the software update menu via main system settings.

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