How Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is Better than Galaxy Watch 5 Pro 

Samsung does an enormous job in introducing its innovative smartphone lineup as Galaxy foldable, and recently it has introduced the fifth generation of them as Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5. However, the company hasn’t limited its focus to smartphones but also spread its cutting-edge technology to other daily life gadgets, where the most popular category is smartwatches, where the company has revealed its new Galaxy Watch 6 series watches.

The Galaxy Watch 6 series includes two models, the Galaxy Watch 6 and the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. The significant difference between both models is a 3D Hall sensor available in the classic while missing in the base model. The sensor is basically used for working accurately with a rotating bezel which is available only in the classic model. After knowing the difference between both models, let’s see how the top model has evolved from its predecessor.

Galaxy Watch 6 Classic provides significant improvements to its predecessor.

Samsung has introduced the rotating bezel technology with the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, which has grabbed the attention of many users. However, in the next generation Galaxy Watch 5, Samsung has replaced it with a digital bezel. This disappointed the users, and Samsung had to face many complaints. Now to care about its users, the company is back with the same technology as the Galaxy Watch 6 classic.

Apart from this, Galaxy Watch 6 Classic offers the biggest display on the 47mm model. It comes in size of 15 inch with 480×480 pixels. The display is now brightened. It can now go up to 2000nits peak brightness. While the Galaxy Watch 5 pro comes with a 1.36-inch display and also with a lower resolution of 450×450. Ultimately, you will get a better experience of every Galaxy Watch 6 Classic content.

Lastly, if we see the pricing of both watches, the Galaxy Watch 6 classic wins here, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is available at $449, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic pricing starts from $399, and even the 47mm variant costs lower at $429.

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