Samsung SEM & TESLA Camera Module Deal Confirmed:

On the authority of local media reports from S.Korea, Samsung Electro-Mechanics(SEM) recently won the bid for camera modules for TESLA’s Semi and Cybertruck. According to the local media from S.Korea, this deal could be worth up to 5 trillion won ($4 billion).

Tesla’s Model S (sedan), Model 3 (sedan), Model X (SUV), and Model Y (SUV), which are set to release this year, will be equipped with these camera modules produced by SEM.

TESLA’s Semi (electric truck) and the Cybertruck (pickup truck) are due for release next year and will also use SEM-provided camera modules & will be the drawing card.

Tesla’s camera module market share comprised 30-40% of Samsung Electro-Mechanics in terms of quality and cost last year. They supplied CMs to the TESLA manufacturing factories in Berlin, Germany, and Shanghai, China.

EV camera modules are expensive compared to the phone industry, and a single-camera module costs slightly over US$10.So, If the deal is for 1.5 to 2 million electric vehicles, then supplying one unit of TESLA’s EV will give the supplier around US$100 in revenue to SEM. The company also supplied many camera modules to Tesla in July last year.

A camera module is a product that takes photos and videos from mobile devices, such as smartphones, automobiles, and smart home appliances.

In all areas, a high level of technology requires high resolution, miniaturization, slimming, low power, and high stiffness.

In keeping with reports from S.Korean media, SEM camera modules will provide 4.0 cameras with 5 million pixels. The assembly and production will start next month. These will have 5 million pixels, i.e., five times more than the previous version.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics surpasses LG Innotek in supplying camera modules for electric vehicles. If Samsung SEM completes this tender, then Samsung Electro-Mechanics surpasses LG Innotek in the supply of camera modules for electric vehicles, which is its rival along with other companies and an old player in this business.

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SEM told the media at a conference: “The number of camera modules being used in EV cars keeps increasing.” 

In the case of EVs, the demand for high-resolution camera modules is almost twice as much as electronic devices.”

-Samsung Electro-Mechanics.

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