Samsung Pay Issue Resolved: Works Again

A few days ago, users started complaining about the Samsung pay app not working with third-party or non-Samsung devices when paired with the Galaxy Watch series. Read about that here.

Now, in the latest development, on Tuesday 21st of June, a statement was released to the Europa Press(a Spanish news agency) by Samsung that a bug caused the whole problem in the latest app update. There is no intention to close Samsung Pay on devices not part of its catalogue.

This makes sense as the South Korean multinational manufacturing conglomerate is unlikely to suddenly stop support for Samsung Pay and not inform its customers beforehand.

Another source Tudocellular, a Brazillian media website, Informed:

“The update with the bug fix is ​​being distributed to everyone through the Play Store.”

Rumours surfaced that Samsung Pay won’t work on devices not part of its catalogue. This patch which fixed the bug, put a full stop to the users restfulness who liked the app and its reward system, i.e. points that were stored.

However, the patch was only received when many users complained about this issue.

Hopefully, Samsung will take this into account and improve.

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