Samsung Pay Not Working With Third-Party Devices

Recently, keeping in with the local US Samsun Member‘s Community & Social Media, the news was received that Samsung might have stopped the Samsung Pay functionality for the third-party devices.

This development came to light a few days ago when several users complained that they cant log in to their Samsung Pay account from a non-Samsung smartphone. Users reported getting an error message stating, ‘ID is not valid. ‘

The issue is now extended to other users as well. The users started to get these messages when many tried to use the service with the Galaxy watches, namely the Galaxy watch 4 in this case.

At this point, it is unclear if this is a deliberate choice made by Samsung to halt the future support on 3rd party devices.

According to the user-posted comments on Samsung Member’s Community and social media platforms like Reddit, when they approached the Samsung representative, they were indeed given a ticket to resolve these issues. However, different users got different responses from the official representatives. 

Some reported that they were informed that non-Samsung phones would no longer work with Samsung Pay, while some were put on hold.

Although, we can see on Samsungs official website’s FAQ and Troubleshoot page that the only requirement for the Samsung Pay on a smartwatch paired with a third-party smartphone is that the device should have OS Android 6.0 or higher.

Is Samsung trying to create a dependent ecosystem like Apple’s, or will it stay neutral like Google Pay? Is it still a waiting game until Samsung clarify on this issue?

However, we will keep you updated until then.

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