Surprisingly July 2022 Security Firmware For Samsung Galaxy A32 4G Owners

Samsung has released Galaxy A32 4G security level July update; it can be identified with the build no. A325NKSUIBVF2. It bore a download size of 944.76 MB and was released for S.Korean customers.

Changelog Translated: Informs two moderate improvements.

  • Improved security: A new google security patch was applied.
  • New Stabilization codes: Improved security from third-party apps.

Changelog Also Informs that the following apps may have been updated :

  • Samsung Notes, Samsung Internet, Samsung Health, SmartThings, Samsung Members, Samsung Pay, Calculator, Voice recording.

Along with the above features being upgraded, this firmware update brings the July 2022 security level patch consisting of Google’s and Samsung’s security and privacy issues fixes.

Security & Privacy Issue Fix Update:

This time, it’s just a security update that improves the overall stability of the device. According to the changelogs & user-posted screenshots on the Samsung community, the update is for security and privacy issues fix but is not limited to it; it can also include general bug fixes and device stability improvements. It can also add more enhanced features and further improve performance.

Users are also posting screenshots on the S.Korean Samsung community; it’s about the time update will surely hit other regions as well. 

This device was launched in 2021 Feb & will enjoy the latest OS & UI upgrade in upcoming years according to Samsung’s 4-year software support policy.

Samsung advises keeping your device up to date and regularly checking for software updates. Users can check for the latest software update by navigating to Settings » Software update and tapping on Download and install or turning auto-updates or notifications on in the settings of your device.

You can turn on notifications for updates in the Settings or directly go to Settings>Software Update for OneUI update. Overall it will give a more secure, easier, and fun experience.

You can visit the given changelog & screenshots to read technical details about the software updates in the links below.

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