Samsung Gaming Hub Officially Launched In The USA, Canada, and European Countries

Earlier this June, Samsung announced a partnership with Microsoft for cross-platform streaming of games from Xbox to Samsung Smart TVs, including the Neo QLED lineup and 2022 Smart Monitor Series.

The company informed that the Samsung Gaming Hub would be available in select regions beginning June 30th and beyond.

Now, on July 1st Samsung Newsroom met with its developers and strategic planners of Samsung Gaming Hub and informed us that it launched in the U.S., Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Korea, and Brazil.

According to Samsung, its Gaming Hub became the world’s first Smart platform to include the Xbox app. 2022 Samsung Smart TV users can enjoy Xbox-exclusive games without having to buy a console and simply select any game on the screen and play it instantly.

Samsung has also partnered with NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Google Stadia, and Utomik to provide a wide variety of games.

Merits of Samsung Gaming Hub: On account of Samsung.

  • No Console Required on Samsung Smart TV
  • Cloud gaming would enable users to play games with or without a console. 
  • Advanced motion enhancements and game-play performance technology will provide minimized latency & motion enhancements resulting in faster response times.
  • Samsung Gaming Hub displays popular games, recently played games, and recommendations in one place.
  • users don’t need to worry about storage space or installation time at all, anyone can play and enjoy CPU-intensive games, even without a PC.
  • Save time, money, and hassle involved with purchasing compatible equipment for different consoles.
  • Gaming Hub also supports multitasking, letting users explore videos or listen to music while playing games.
Photo Credit – Samsung Newsroom

Samsung’s Monitors & SmartTVs:

In 2018, Samsung implemented Auto Game Mode on TVs. It automatically switches to the game mode when you connect a game console to Samsung TVs, and the game starts the moment you connect to the game console.

Samsung monitors feature Low Input Lag’ and ‘HDR with a brightness of higher than 1,000 nits. The shorter the input lag, the faster the response speed. Samsung’s Neo QLED was 10ms or below in all game segments.

Neo QLED was the first TV to receive certification for Gaming TV Performance from Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE), an electrical engineering certification institute in Germany.
Samsung has also won the CES Innovation Awards in the gaming category.

Neo QLED lineup also features AMD FreeSync Premium Pro feature. A technology that counters screen tearing, stuttering, and input latency during fast-paced games and videos.

This year on June 20th, Samsung also launched a new UHD monitor specifically targeted at the fraternity of content creators, graphic designers & creative professionals named ViewFinity lineup; then, on June 27th, they came up with a new lineup named Odyssey Neo G8 & G7, specifically for the gaming community.

Samsung gaming Hub was first released at CES 2022; since then, Samsung has been paying attention to the display section and catering to different communities.

According to Samsung, It wants to provide an all-in-one cloud gaming experience. Samsung is trying to provide an ideal at-home gaming station where people can enjoy games, music, news, sports, etc., with their friends and family with ease of access with its display lineups. You can also visit the below links for further information and previous developments from Samsung.

“We’re going to keep adding more content and updating new features. We are just getting started, so we hope many people will show encouragement and interest so this service can further develop.”
-Team, Samsung Gaming Hub.

Services & facilities are subject to availability.

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