Samsung Announces World’s First 240Hz 4K Gaming Monitor: Odyssey Neo G8

Today on 27 June, Samsun has come up with a new lineup named Odyssey Neo G8 & G7, which will cater to the gaming community.

Samsung claims that this monitor simultaneously supports 4K resolution and a refresh rate of 240Hz, the highlight of this monitor will be its curved design.

This will be the first of its kind, which will feature a 32-inch size, 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160), and a 1000R curvature curved design.

The monitor, dubbed the model name G85NB, is supposed to have a response time of 1 millisecond, i.e. 1/100th of a second. Based on the Grey To Gray technology, a unit of measurement of pixel speed. It is Used to measure the response time of gaming monitors. GtG means how long it takes for the pixel to go from one grey level to the next.

Key Highlights & Technology :

  • It will support max brightness up to 2000 NITS by utilizing Mini-LED, Quantum Matrix, and Quantum HDR 2000, which would be one 40th slimmer than existing LEDs as a light source.

Quantum Mini LED is similar to QLED, but the backlights get smaller. These LEDs are so small they can be almost as small as a single pixel. QLEDs are significantly larger than one pixel, while OLEDs are the size of a single pixel.

Quantum Matrix is Samsung’s proprietary image quality control technology.

Quantum HDR or High Dynamic Range is a photographic technique where three or more of the same scene are captured at different exposure values.

  • The monitor will support a fixed contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 that represents a static contrast ratio, which is a luminosity ratio comparing the brightest and darkest shade of the system produced simultaneously at any instant in time.

Samsung claims it is the highest ratio in the industry nobody has been able to achieve till now. 

It will make use of the local dimming zone to produce more detailed and perfect black details.

Local dimming is a technology that divides a TV’s LED backlights into zones, each of which can be dimmed individually or locally. The LED zones behind the darkest parts of the image can be dimmed to make the blacks look deeper, while the LEDs behind the brightest parts of the image can be turned up.

In short, it will give a more crisp & clear display with dynamic colours.

  • It will also feature AMD FreeSync, a technology that counters screen tearing, stuttering, and input latency during fast-paced games and videos.

The Lineup Features :

  • ‘CoreSync’- Automatically recognizes the colour of the screen and matches the rear lighting and colour, giving enhanced aesthetics and gaming ambience.
  • Auto Source Switch+ – Makes game action faster without flipping through multiple input sources. Power on for instant play, the monitor detects when connected devices are turned on and instantly switches to the new source signal.
  • Verified glare- Free matte display from UL- Io prevents panel light reflection.UL is a global safety certification company.
  • Ergonomically Designed-It has features such as HAS (height adjustment), Tilt (up and down angle adjustment), Swivel (left and right rotation), Pivot (screen horizontal/vertical conversion) & wall mount support.

Versions, Price & Availability :

The lineup has two models Odyssey Neo G8 (model name: G85NB) 32-inch, which has 4K resolution, refresh rate of 240Hz, and a 1000R curvature curved design & the Odyssey Neo G7 (model name: G75NB) 32-inch 4K resolution with 165Hz high refresh rate.

Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 32-type will cost 1.5 million won or 1,168.92 United States Dollars/91,555.07 Indian Rupees.

Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 32-type will cost 1.35 million won or 1,052.04 United States Dollars/82,398.93 Indian Rupees.

Prices and conversions are as of 27 June, 9:55 am UTC, and are subject to changes.

Both will be available for purchase from and online markets from the 27th in the domestic country, S.Korea.

Just a week ago, on 20 June, Samsung also launched a new UHD monitor specifically targeted at the fraternity of content creators, graphic designers & creative professionals named ViewFinity lineup. Now they have come up with this lineup for gaming, Samsung seems to want to keep up with the display market by diversifying and catering to all communities, specifically according to their need.

Here is what Samsung has to add :

“The world’s first 240Hz 4K gaming monitor Odyssey Neo G8, introduced this time, is an innovative product that provides a differentiated gaming experience with the core performance and features that customers expect,” We will lead the premium gaming monitor market by strengthening the Odyssey Neo lineup.”

-Hyeseung Ha, Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics.

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