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One UI 5.0

Galaxy S22 Series To Get OneUI 5.0 Beta this July With Android 13




  • SamMobile has backed up our prediction as of today by their exclusive report that the Galaxy S22 OneUI 5.0 Beta will be released in the third week of July & stable version will be released in October this year.
  • Samsung is most likely to bundle One UI 5.0 along with Android13.
  • We could also see the upcoming Galaxy S23 lineup later this year in August at Samsungs’s annual SDC.
  • The clamshell-designed foldable Z series & tablets will be next to get a special version developed alongside Google’s Android12L-based OneUI 4.1.1.

Today is an exciting and immersive day for Samsung users, as it’s about OneUI, Android 13 & Samsung getting to a new phase in terms of upgrades, new devices, and their release dates, but before that, let’s take a detour of brief developments in the past.

So, It’s not been long since we informed you on Jun 17 that the Beta version of Samsung’s OneUI 5.0 was allegedly tested on the Galaxy S22 Ultra via a leaked screenshot from an app called Checkfirm. If you wish to, please read about it here.

The spotted firmware had a build number – S908BXXU22BVF6 for a Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone (EUX CSC) having an Exynos CPU variant in Europe. This screenshot was the testing of Android 13-based One UI 5.0 or the Android 12L-based One UI 4.1.1 supposedly at first. But as the picture got clearer and clearer day by day, we can be almost sure that this was indeed a Galaxy S22 Ultra.

On Jun 23, we reported that Samsung had almost completed the preparation to launch the Beta for Android13-based OneUI for the Galaxy S22 series. You can read it here.

The claim was based on a discovery when the screenshot of a precursor Android 13 build was spotted on Galaxy S22 in South Korea with firmware version number S906NKSU2ZVF6.

Now, as we informed in our previous updates, SamMobile has backed up our prediction as of today by their exclusive report, after announcing that they have an even more precise timeframe for the release of OneUI 5.0. 

According to Sammobile sources, the Galaxy S22 OneUI 5.0 Beta will be released in the third week of July & stable version will be released in October this year.

Samsung will also provide the One UI 4.1 to other lineups as well this year.

As we also briefed earlier in our reports, the clamshell-designed foldable Z series & tablets will be next to get a special version developed alongside Google’s Android12L-based OneUI 4.1.1

We also reported on Jun 6 that a moderator for the GoodLuck on Samsung community Korea confirmed the OneUi version 4.1.1 in response to a user question. You can read about it here.

The GoodLuck moderator wrote:

” As a result of checking, the error reported by the customer requires a lot of platform-level code correction and is reflected in OneUI 4.1.1 version. In addition, it seems that it will take some time until the corresponding version is updated on the customer’s terminal.”

The above statement confirmed that one Ui 4.1.1 is coming. The answer moderator gave to the user is that the current version has to be updated at the user’s end, and Samsung was working on the One UI 4.1.1 release.

Yet again, this was confirmed in another development we informed, on Jun 9, via a GoodLock app update-

One-Hand Operation + update was seen on 2022.06.09 with version no. 

The description added:

Support for OneUI 4.1.1 ( Android 12L ).

This made the path clear for tabs & foldable, getting the OneUI 4.1.1 with Android12L. You can read about this development here.

Samsung is most likely to bundle One UI 5.0 along with Android 13. In our earlier reports, this has come to fruition as confirmation from others is coming as well that the Galaxy S22 lineup will be the first to showcase the beta version of OneUI 5.0, starting early this July. This will then expand to other Samsung devices as well.

About Samsung OneUI:

OneUI is a custom skin or a layer on the top of the Android OS which provides custom interactions for users. OneUI 4.0 was released on Nov 15. At that time, the flagship devices from Samsung, The Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra, were the first receiver then it was gifted to the Galaxy Z series.

Samsung often does rigorous testing before releasing the stable version with the Android system.

This time will be no exception as OneUI is the USP-Unique Selling Proposition of the Korean giant.

This seems to be the same pattern of being released every year, a new version. In addition, we could also see the upcoming Galaxy S23 lineup later this year in August at the Samsung Unpacked Event or the annual SDC 2022 developer conference around October 2022.

Release & Expectations:

Currently, Android 13 beta is for nonSamsung devices, but UI changes such as some UI elements are revamped, like settings and power shortcuts to the Quick Settings menu.

Also, one will most likely improve the animations & gestures as they receive a lot of negative feedback.

Preview builds also add Flashlight brightness control in Android13.

Well, these are just speculations based on the information released unofficially so far but based upon these developments, it seems almost confirmed.

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LTE Galaxy Watches Get Access to Latest Wear OS 4 and One UI 5 Watch Features




After introducing the One UI Watch 5 for the LTE variant of Galaxy watches to the Korean market, Samsung is now expanding it to more countries. It is worth noting that previously it was only available for Bluetooth models. With the latest update, Galaxy watches will get several new enhancements to their existing functionalities.

One UI Watch 5 enhances the user experience

One UI Watch 5 is the latest skin upgrade for the Galaxy watches. It brings several new enhancements and improvements in many internal functions, including watch faces and tiles, Samsung Health, Backup, and Restore. Additionally, it also brings some fresh features, like dict text with the home button, now that you can use multiple timers at once, and device care improvements.

Breaking: One UI 6 Beta Program Now Available for Galaxy S22 Owners

It is worth noticing that Samsung initially introduced the One UI 5 watch to the Galaxy Watch LTE variants, which are available in South Korea, but as we discussed in the earlier article about the possible reason, the company is now expanding the update to more countries. The company has rolled out the update to some more countries, including the US, India, and several European countries.

One UI 6.0 Beta Coming to Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5 This Week

If you have any model of the Galaxy Watch 4 or Galaxy Watch 5, you will get the new update through the new OTA. If you belong to any European country, you can identify the update R8**FXXU1BWH3 for the Galaxy Watch 4 and R9**FXXU1BWH3 for the Galaxy Watch 5. Meanwhile, these watches also received an update in the US on several carriers, including AT&T and Verizon.

One UI 5 Watch and Wear OS 4 Changelog

Watch faces and tiles
  • Add watch faces and tiles easily
    • A new vertical layout makes it easier to find the watch faces and tiles that are right for you.
  • Improve Buds controller tile
    • You can now turn 360 audio on and off from the Buds controller tile if your Buds support 360 audio.
  • Quick access to timers
    • You can start timers from the new Timer tile without opening the Timer app.
  • Set an album or story as your watch face
    • Instead of just one picture, you can now make your watch face cycle between pictures in an album or story that you select. Your watch face will change to a different picture each time you turn on the watch screen.
Samsung Health
  • Automatically record cycling workouts
    • Samsung Health can now detect when you start cycling and record your workout automatically. You can also set whether to automatically map your cycling routes.
  • Get heart rate guidance while running
    • Your watch can provide personalized heart rate zones while you run to help you manage your exercise intensity.
Backup and Restore
  • Keep your watch data safe
    • Files and data from your watch are periodically backed up to your phone when it’s connected to your watch. You can also save backups to Samsung Cloud. Your phone needs the latest version of the Smart Switch app to use this feature.
Control Your Phone
  • More call controls
    • You now have more control over calls without touching your phone. You can adjust the call volume, mute sound, and press buttons on the keypad, all from your watch.
Additional changes
  • Dictate text with Home button
    • Just press and hold the Home button any time you’re entering text with Samsung Keyboard to instantly switch to voice input.
  • Using multiple timers at once
    • You can now have up to 20 timers running at the same time to help keep track of all your tasks.
  • Share medical information in an emergency
    • A button to access your medical info will appear automatically when a hard fall is detected or when you press the Home button 5 times to start the Emergency SOS feature.
  • Device Care
    • Check the status of your watch’s battery, storage, and memory and immediately fix any problems to extend battery life and keep your watch running smoothly.
  • Control your watch without touch
    • Universal gestures let you control your watch without touching the screen or pressing a button. You can assign various actions to gestures such as shaking your wrist, making a fist, or pinching your fingers.
  • Organize app in folder
    • Create folders to keep your apps organized so you can find the apps you need quickly with less scrolling.

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Android 14

Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra’s OS journey ends with One UI 5 with no chance for One UI 6




Whenever a new software update is about to come, every user starts to wonder whether their device will be able to experience its advancements and novelties or not. As for now, ever since Android 14’s Developer Preview was launched, everybody has started to look forward to One UI 6. Besides the latest ones, confusion is appearing for those who are a bit older and received the previous One UI 5.

As we have mentioned above, older Galaxy device users are eager to know their device’s eligibility status for One UI 6. Two of these older devices are the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra. Informatively, the Galaxy Note 20 series was launched in the year 2020, with Android version 10. Both the devices of this series were promised to receive three years of OS updates, excluding the one they were launched with.

One UI 6.0 for Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra?

Notably, the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra device already received Android 13 and One UI 5. As they were launched with Android 10 and promised three OS updates, Android 13 was the final one for them. In simpler words, as these devices have already received all three OS updates, there is no way they will get the next one as they are out of eligibility. As One UI 6 will be based on Android 14, it also won’t reach them. 

To put it straight, the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra devices are meant to get neither the upcoming Android 14 nor Samsung’s 6th-gen One UI. However, they will still be receiving security patch updates till the pre-decided period. If you are a Galaxy Note 20 or Note 20 Ultra user and you don’t want to replace it with a new device, you can resort to some temporary solutions, which you can find here in our previous article

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One UI 5.0

Samsung Galaxy A03s updates to Android 13 in the US




Samsung has updated almost all the devices with One UI 5.0, which is based on Android 13, and currently serving the new One UI 5.1 update for its eligible devices. But due to carrier restrictions, the Galaxy A03s is one of the devices receiving the Android 13 update now.

The One UI 5.0 update is available for the Carrier locked variant of Galaxy A03s. The update also includes a new security patch as of December 2022 security patch which is three-months-old patches which includes several patches which fix 93 security vulnerabilities; in which 67 patches are included by Google that fix all Android devices issues, while the rest are included by Samsung, which resolves the issues of own devices.

Users who own Galaxy A03s devices can identify the latest update by its firmware version number A037USQU3CWB6; as said earlier, the update comes with One UI 5.0, which means your device will get a lot of new features and improvements that enhance the user experience.

The Galaxy A03s is one of the most affordable devices of Samsung, it was launched back in 2021 and comes with Android 11, later the device received more updates and now getting an Android 13 update, as the device falls in the category of entry-level devices, so it may not be eligible for further Android updates; however, the device will get some security updates in the coming days.

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