What to do if your Samsung Galaxy device stops getting any software updates?

Software updates, whether they are for the Operating System, User Interface, or Security Patches, work to provide security, advancements, and improvements. Albeit, any device is eligible to get a fixed number of updates only, which will be based on its category. Now the question comes what happens if your device stops getting any software updates, and what should we do in that case? Let’s find the answer in today’s article. 

Without any doubt, the very first issue in no longer getting any software updates is saying goodbye to upcoming improvements, novelties, and up-to-date security solutions. As for OS and UI updates, it is no big deal if the device says goodbye to them as long as the device is getting security patches, but the major problem is if your device says goodbye to the security patches too. Let’s know the worst-case scenarios for that.

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Informatively, whenever any device stops getting OS/UI and security patch updates, the risk of getting viruses and malware increases, which can lead to damage and threats to your device. Besides, there is another issue that many applications stop working on devices with outdated software or lacks some new features. Now let’s know what is the solution to this issue instead of changing the phone to the newer OS-booted one. 

Firstly, let us take a look at what not to do if your device is out of the category of getting software updates. The very first thing is not to install any application from an unknown source. Any harmful file that is automatically downloaded after touching a link also lure virus and malware into your device, so avoiding them is also necessary. Besides, don’t use apps that contain sensitive info and keep avoiding public Wi-Fi networks.

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Now, let’s move on to the “What To Do” list. To keep your device up to date, you can install any custom ROM, in other words, permanent memory. This custom ROM will keep your device safe from unwanted dangers. Besides you can also update your device partially via Google Play and install updated antivirus software. Last but not least, install or use only authorized and verified apps, software, and other services. 

All of these solutions will not be as good as an OS, UI, or security patch update, but these will still be helpful for you to keep your device safe and up to date.

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