One UI 6.0 will remind you to charge your Galaxy phone

It becomes very uneasy if we forget to charge our smartphone, particularly when we are using it desperately or planning to go out, because many times, we forget to charge our device. Thankfully, with the One UI 6.0 update, it will no longer be an issue, as the system itself will remind you to put the charger on if your device goes low on battery. Let’s know more about One UI 6’s this upcoming novelty.

Android 14 will warn you when your device has 2% battery

Let us inform you this novelty is basically a part of the upcoming Android 14, and the One UI 6.0 will be based on this new Android version; it will also have this new feature. At present, the battery reminder notification appears when your device’s battery goes down from 20% or 10%, but with this new update, it will also warn you when your device’s battery remains at 2% and tells you to put on the charger.

Consequently, even if you forget to charge your device after two warnings at 20% and 10% battery, you will get a third and final “very low battery” warning as well at 2%. Informatively, it is not the only novelty that will make its way to the Galaxy devices with the upcoming OS and UI update; instead, there will be more beneficial features. If you are willing to know about these novelties, you can check them out here

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