Android 14’s Top Features to Expect in Samsung Galaxy Devices with One UI 6.0

Every year Google brings a new Android version for all Android devices, so this year following the same timeline, Google has introduced its new Android 14’s developer preview; the update is only available for pixel devices; if you are a Pixel user, you can install it by now, for more information about the installation you can read our previous article.

Samsung Galaxy smartphone users are always on the lookout for the latest features and updates to improve their device’s performance and functionality. With the upcoming release of Android 14-based One UI 6.0, Samsung fans are eagerly anticipating the next-generation operating system’s new features and improvements. From enhanced privacy and security options to new customization options, Android 14 promises to offer some significant upgrades that will enhance the user experience. Rumours and speculations are already swirling around the internet about what users can expect from this latest update.

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In this article, we will explore some of the most exciting and anticipated features that Samsung Galaxy smartphone users can look forward to in the Android 14-based One UI 6.0 update. Google has already hinted at some new features; let’s discuss them.

New battery-saving features

The most common problem of any Android device user is battery backup, and everyone wants that their phone should run long-lasting. Hardware companies have tried a lot of new things, like introducing new SoC as well as introducing big batteries. Still, it ultimately increases the device’s price, so they have to compromise it; now Google has taken responsibility and will give some new battery-saving features.

Samsung One UI 6.0 (Android 14) ineligible device list

A new ultimate battery saver has been introduced; this feature is meant to save your battery by stopping all the background activity of the phone; in other words, when you turn on this feature, it will restrict all the apps from the background, it also allows the users to schedule the option so they can easily set the option to automatically on any certain level of the battery.

Remove unwanted apps easily

As you have noticed, several preinstalled apps come with every android device, and most of them are not used by normal people and capture extra space on the device, and as a normal user, you are not allowed to uninstall them, but with new Android 14, Google will give the power to uninstall any app including bloatware from the device.

Inbuilt Health Connect app

As we reported earlier, it is now certainly confirmed that you will get the support of Google health to connect with the latest Android 14; for starters, Google health connect app will be inbuilt which provides you with a service to connect various health and fitness apps and device and manage them for you to get the all the data in one place, by this way you can easily track your health-related data without any confusion. 

These are some new features which we got to know about. However, some more features have come in Android 14; you can get more information about other features by clicking on this link. This is just the developer preview, so these features are very few, but as time passes, Google will release Android 14 in different stages, such as-

  • Developer Preview 1- February 
  • Developer Preview 2- March 
  • Beta 1- April 
  • Beta 2- May
  • Platform Stability (Beta 3)- June 
  • Beta 4&5- July 
  • Final release for AOSP and ecosystem
  • Stable update- August to October

Nota: This timeline concerns eligible Pixel devices; for other devices, the timeline will vary by the manufacturer.

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