Android 14 logo hints Satellite Connectivity feature

Talks of the upcoming Android version- Android 14, are gaining pace day by day since its first developer preview arrived on the Pixel devices. Android Users are eager to know every single thing about this new update, including its new offerings, design, and more. In specific, the main curiosity was born to know in-depth about its first preview logo. So, let’s take a look at the Android 14 logo’s authentic appearance. 

The Vice President of Android engineering Dave Burke has recently shared the look of Android 14’s logo on his Twitter account. We can clearly see in it; the logo has a unique look; it has an upside-down design which is codenamed ‘Upside Down Cake.’ It looks like the sky, surrounded by stars and satellites. Notably, it has an orange circle around the Android (white), with Android 14 written in it, and a blue background with white dots. 

Android 14’s Secret Satellite Connection: The Future of Mobile Tech

Besides, if we look at the logo in another way except for the starry sky, it looks like the satellite function. For unawares, there were rumors regarding the iPhone-like Satellite Connectivity feature, which could make its debut with Android 14. In Samsung’s case, previously, it was assumed to arrive in the most recent Galaxy S23 series, but things didn’t go that way. However, we may get to see it in the future Galaxy S24 series. 

For information, the Satellite Connectivity feature will let you send or receive messages even in the no cell coverage area. It sends messages through satellite connectivity. In that manner, the Snapdragon chipset manufacturer Qualcomm and Iridium, the satellite communication company, have gotten into a partnership. Besides, Samsung is also reported to collaborate with the same company for this feature, but individually.  

As the feature missed out on the Galaxy S23 series, users’ desire to have it in their devices has gotten even stronger. As Android 14’s logo seems to hint at the rumored Satellite Connectivity feature’s direction, there is a high chance of its arrival with Android 14. However, it will initially reach some select premium devices only, such as the future Galaxy S24 series. Afterward, it may make its way to other phones.

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