Qualcomm to bring satellite SMS feature in SD 8 Gen 2, Could be seen in Galaxy S23

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2023 (CES 2023), the American multinational company Qualcomm unveiled a new and essential service for Android devices. This service, named Snapdragon Satellite, will be helpful in sending messages through satellite connectivity, even in the lack of cell coverage area. It is like Apple’s Emergency SOS service but improved. This new feature could probably be seen in the upcoming Galaxy S23 series device. Let’s learn more about Qualcomm’s new initiative. 

What is the Snapdragon Satellite SMS feature? Know here

For those who are unaware, the Snapdragon Satellite SMS feature will let us send emergency messages when we are out of the coverage area. It is slightly different from Apple’s emergency message service because Apple only provides one-way messaging; we can only send messages through it but can’t receive them, while Qualcomm’s service will provide us a two-way messaging; along with sending, we will be able to receive them as well. It will be proven very helpful in an emergency situation. Besides, we can also use this service in remote, rural, and offshore locations.

Which device will support this new service?

Let’s inform you to get support for this new feature, the device needs to be equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC along with the X70 modem. However, not all devices with these requirements are eligible for having this service; only a few of them will get it. Notably, for providing this service, Qualcomm has collaborated with Iridium, which will lend its 66 low-orbit satellites for this service. As per Qualcomm, this service requires Iridium L-band spectrum’s use in the device for uplinking and downlinking. 

Informatively, this new service will only work in the open sky, so it can easily establish a connection with the satellite. In other words, the service will not be accessible indoors. Once the device catches up with the satellite, afterward, we will be able to send or receive messages through it. 

When and with which device will the service make its debut?

Previously, there were some reports which suggested that Samsung is working to bring a Satellite connectivity feature into its Galaxy S23 series. Coincidently, Samsung was also reported to get into a partnership with the same Iridium Communications for this new feature. On top of that, this respective series device fulfills all the requirements of this feature, such as the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC and X70 modem, which makes it highly possible that the feature will be debuted with the Galaxy S23 series devices. 

However, as per Qualcomm, the first smartphone with this Snapdragon Satellite SMS feature will be launched in the second half of 2023, which shows that both Samsung and Qualcomm are working independently on this service, even though their partner is the same. It means Samsung will provide this service in its Galaxy S23 series on its own. Note bone this feature will not work globally, but it will be launched for North America and European countries only. 

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