Galaxy Tab A8 started updating the Android 13 (One UI 5.0) across several countries

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 device is the latest device of the A series segment. It was launched in 2021 and came with Android 11; now, the device is receiving the Android 13 update for both variants, i.e., Wi-Fi and LTE; being a flagship device of its segment, it is receiving the latest update on the ideal timing.

According to the information, the Wi-Fi and LTE variant of the Galaxy Tab A8 is receiving Android 13 in Europe; users can identify the update by the firmware version number X200XXU1CVL5 (Wi-Fi) and X205XXU1CVL6. (LTE). Additionally, the LTE variant of the device is also receiving the same update in India with version number X205XXU1CVL5.

Smoother UI with hassle-free multitasking

The latest update brings the latest iteration of One UI 5.0 based on Android 13 in the form of One UI 5.0. Samsung has designed it to enhance the performance and stability of the devices. You are wondering why the same One UI update is present for all types of smartphones and how it works differently for tablets. The answer is simple the company has released it separately named Android 13L, which is very well-designed for large-screen devices.

According to the changelog, the Galaxy Tab A8 will get an enhanced multitasking software change, which will give you an immersive experience of the device. Now it has some new multitasking features in the form of window gestures; now you can easily handle the taskbar, which is now redesigned to use conveniently without disturbing your other running task. With all this, the Android 13 update brings some more interesting features which are packed with the update.

How to install

Users who own Galaxy Tab A8 device in  mentioned Europe and India can intall the Android 13 update by following the given steps

  1. Go to the device settings
  2. Then click on the software updates button
  3. Now tap on download and install 
  4. wait until the search is finished,
  5. If it shows the Android 13 update is available, tap on the install button, 
  6. It will start downloading and get installed automatically.

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