Google could make the sharing menu more consistent in Android 14

The Mountain Hill View giant Google has its legs set in nearly every smartphone device. Its Operating System, Android, is being used in every smartphone, excluding the iPhone. To provide a better mobile experience to Android users, Google always tries to bring new and essential features and services to its Operating System (Android). In the same direction, google has now come up with another new feature related to sharing.

According to Mishaal Rahman of Esper, Google has recently modified the Sharing Menu, which will extend its abilities. The previous version of the Sharing Menu is incompatible with various applications and User Interfaces. To overcome this lack of mastery, Google intends to convert the Android’s Sharing Menu into a project Mainline module. Let’s take a look at the benefits which will appear with this change.

Rahman has stated in that manner, “At present, the system share menu can only be updated through a regular OTA update since it is part of the framework package. Also, OEMs can heavily customize the framework’s share menu, but would be much more limited in what they can do to a Google-supplied and signed module, outside perhaps some lightweight theming through the use of Runtime Resource Overlays (RRO).”

Let us tell you Google has emerged a new application for the system image, which is named “Intent Resolver.” The recent Android 13 QPR1 Beta update has added this new update. With this new app’s help, we will be able to select apps as per our requirements, which can be used for the “Sharing” operation. However, it will limit the producer’s work. Note bone; Google hasn’t shared any official statement about it.

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