Google increases the availability of predictive animations on Android 13

The search engine giant Google always brings new features for the convenience of its users. For this obvious reason, a few weeks ago, they introduced another new feature named “Predictive Back Animations”. Notably, Google has started working on this feature after providing Android 13. This gesture is not stably launched yet, but one can experience it by activating the developer option on their device. 

Let us tell you; the Predictive Back Animation feature lets the users know the preview of the destination where they will be reached if they exit the current page. It is basically useful to prevent the unnecessary exits of an important page or app due to the mistakenly performed back gesture. It is the neediest feature because it always annoys the user when they accidentally exit a running application. 

However, this feature will natively be introduced with the upcoming Android 14th, but keen users can still experience it on their Android 13-booted Pixel phones. For information, to use this feature, the device is required to have Android 13 and the latest version of the phone app. If your device fulfills the requirement, all you have to do is activate the developer option by following these simple steps- 

How to use Android 13 predictive animation

  • First, go to the Settings application.
  • Now choose the About Phone option.
  • Go to the Build Number.
  • Then tap on the Build Number 7 times, resultantly the developer option will be activated. 
  • Afterward, go back to the Settings application. 
  • Now, search for “Predictive animations for Back” on the search bar. 
  • Lastly, click on the On/Off button that appears on the right.

Apps that support Android 13 predictive animations

Meanwhile, currently, this feature is not available for every application of Android but is limited to some select applications only. Notably, Google Telephone, Calculator, Google Calendar, Google News, Google TV, and Settings are those applications for which the Predictive Back Animation gesture is available at present. To get it for all eligible applications, we need to wait till the launch of Android 14. 

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