One UI 6.0: Know whether your Galaxy device will get it or not

The South Korean tech conglomerate Samsung is now done launching both versions of the fifth generation of One UI– One UI 5.0 and One UI 5.1. Now the question appears what next in terms of software? Well, it may take some time, but the arrival of One UI 6.0 will surely amaze Galaxy users the most. The One UI 6.0 will be the 6th generation of One UI and will have plenty of novelties up its sleeves. Let’s take a look at it.

Our Dreams for Samsung One UI 6.0: The Ultimate Wishlist for Galaxy Users

Let us tell you the future One UI 6.0 update will be based on the next version of Android- Android 14. At present, Google is testing Android 14’s Developer Preview; afterward, its beta version will hit the Pixel devices, and at last, the BigG will make it available for AOSP, which may happen during July or August. Then the Korean firm will also launch Android 14-based One UI 6.0 for eligible Galaxy devices, most probably until September. 

Informatively, as the One UI 6.0 update will be based on Android 14, it will have many of Android 14’s novelties in it. If you are willing to know what the future One UI 6.0 update will bring with it, you can get an idea in our previous dedicated article, which you can find here. Besides novelties, there is one more thing that always gains users’ attention, which is nothing but its eligible device list.

Samsung should upgrade these Galaxy devices to One UI 6.0 & Android 14

No wonder everyone is curious to know whether their device will get benefit from the upcoming software update or not, and the same goes for One UI 6.0 too. For information, all the Android 14 eligible Galaxy devices will be eligible for One UI 6.0 as well. If you are wondering, we are providing a list below, which is prepared by looking at Samsung’s Update Policy and previous update programs. Check the list below. 

Galaxy S series

Galaxy Z series

Galaxy A series

Galaxy M & F Series

  • Galaxy M53
  • Galaxy M33
  • Galaxy M13
  • Galaxy M04
  • Galaxy F23
  • Galaxy F13
  • Galaxy F04

Galaxy Tab series

Nota bene, this list isn’t officially confirmed yet, but it may be highly appropriate as it has been prepared by looking at Samsung’s latest Update Policy. Besides, there are many popular Galaxy devices, which unfortunately won’t get the One UI 6.1 update; if you want, you can check their list out here

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