Samsung One UI 6.0 could adopt these Android 14’s features

As the Korean firm Samsung’s One UI gets the base of Google’s Android, there is no doubt it adopts many advancements from Android. If we talk about Samsung’s upcoming One UI version- One UI 6, which will be based on the latest Android 14, it will surely have some Android 14 features in it. However, it doesn’t mean that all Android 14 novelties are in Galaxy devices; instead, only a few will amaze Samsung users. 

Informatively, Google has recently launched the Beta 1 of Android 14, which is limited to Google’s native Pixel lineup only. In this recent Beta version, we have got to see plenty of new features that are gaining users’ attention, and it is obvious that upcoming Beta versions will also add up some more novelties. In today’s article, we will let you know what Android 14 Beta 1 has brought with it to get an idea about One UI 6’s novelties

Back Arrow for Gesture Navigation

This popular feature has made its way to Pixel devices with Beta 1st of Android 14. If you are unaware, this feature is basically kind of an indicator for the Predictive Back Gesture feature. In simpler words, wherever you swipe from the left or right edge of your device’s display, a back arrow wrapped in a bubble appears on the edge of the screen. 

More Easier and Consistent Sharing

In Android 14, sharing will be a piece of cake. With this new Android version, app developers will add custom options in the sharing menu. These new options will help the user to access different sharing options in an application. Additionally, in this new version, the OS will use more app signals to decide the rank of different sharing actions, which means the more often-used option will appear before the one used rarely. 

Per-app Language Preference

Per-app language preference is an interesting feature that lets you set different languages for each application available on your devices. However, this feature was first introduced with Android version 13, and with the next Android version, the company will add some more customization features to it. Notably, in Android 14, the keyboard will also open up in the same language as the one set of the current application.

Securer Accessibility Service

With Android 14, accessibility services will become even more securer. In simpler words, the accessibility services will get access to certain views only, that too only when they assure that it is to help users with disabilities. Google said it is to prevent critical actions from being executed unintentionally, such as transferring money or checking out in a shopping app. 

Option to adjust Weather info on the lock screen

In stock Android 13, Google added an ability to show weather information on the device’s lock screen. It is obvious that some of us don’t like it that way. Hence, in the upcoming Android version, Google brought an option to decide whether you want to show the info on the lock screen or not. 

Dedicated Nearby Share option

If you don’t know, Nearby Share is Android’s custom-sharing service that lets you share files wirelessly and locally without needing any third-party application. However, to use this option, one should go through a lengthy procedure currently, first selecting files, then choosing the share option, and at last, Nearby Share will appear on the list. Now with Android 14, it will be added to the sharing menu directly. 

A Transparent Navigation Bar in all apps

This option is basically for app developers. Informatively, Android lets app developers change the colour of their app’s navigation bar to make it look like a part of the OS. Not only that but developers can also make the navigation bar transparent to show what’s behind it. However, in some apps, its effect warns off, and the navigation bar turns black. With Android 14 Beta 1, Google has solved this issue. 

Samsung One UI 6.0 Expected Release Schedule for Galaxy Devices

Nota bene, all these features are a part of Android 14, and there is a high chance that we will get these in One UI 6.0 as well, but we can’t say for sure how many and which ones. To get the answer, we should wait till One UI 6’s arrival. Notably, One UI 6’s beta version is expected to launch in July or August, and the stable version can be seen in September 2023. 

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