Galaxy Z Flip 5: Cover display will support new widgets and features

Samsung is known for inventing new technology and is always ahead in introducing it in its gadgets; for instance, you can see the development of foldable smartphones; it was the first company that commercialized it worldwide. Now, with the latest generation of the flip lineup, it will introduce a new intuitive screen.

Galaxy Z Flip 5’s cover screen packed with new features

If rumours of the cover screen are true, then Samsung has done a tremendous job. The Galaxy Z Flip 5 will be equipped with a cover screen, a popular tipster claimed that the display will support 720p resolution in 720*748 dimensions. According to renders, the screen looks like a folder.

If we talk about its software design, the Galaxy Z Flip 5, Max Jambor says that Samsung will bring several new features to the cover display. It will introduce some new useful widgets that will add more utility to the screen compared to predecessor devices, including Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 4. Those smartphones’ screens were limited to music controls and clocks. However, it doesn’t give any hint about any special widgets or apps.

Image Credit: Ice Universe

 For recall, recently, scores of the Geekbench-5 test were leaked, and it has reflected the overall performance of the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 5. As per the information, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 scored 2030 points and 5213 points on a single-core and multi-core test, respectively. The Geekbench test also reveals that Galaxy Z Fold 5 will be available with 12GB RAM, and Galaxy Z Flip 5 will feature 8GB; however, it is not clear what will be the storage of different variants.

It is expected that Samsung will introduce the new generation of foldable devices between August and September. The company will organize its second unpacked galaxy event for the launching of these devices.

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