Galaxy Z Flip 5 will have a folder-shaped external screen

Samsung’s foldable device family is getting better day by day. All four generations of this Galaxy Z foldable series have performed outstandingly in the market, which also increased users’ expectations towards upcoming Galaxy foldable devices. Notably, Samsung’s future Galaxy Z Fold 5Z Flip 5, and foldable tablet have constantly been appearing in rumours. Now again, a new Galaxy Z Flip 5-related tip has joined this league.

Recently, the well-known tipster IceUniverse shared a Tweet related to the Koren firm Samsung’s soon-to-be-launched Galaxy Z Flip 5. In this Tweet, the tipster revealed the in-question device would adopt a “folder” shaped external screen. He also shared a pic that justifies the aforementioned fact. In this image, we can clearly see that the Galaxy Z Flip 5 device has an external screen that’s cut in the shape of the folders icon. 

As per the tipster, currently, the company is developing a new software design that can fit with such an unusual Display cutout. It will be really interesting to see how this new external display will perform. Besides it, this upcoming Galaxy Flip device is also reported to have Apple-like Always-on-Display. Now we can’t say whether Z Flip’s both Displays or just the main Display will be the AOD. The answer lies only in the future.

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